Stepping Hill Parking Zone Consultation

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Closes 6 Mar 2020

Proposed Parking Scheme

The Council has developed proposals that aim to balance making parking easier for residents and recognising the need to allow some parking for non-residents to protect the hospital and local businesses.

It is proposed to introduce ‘Dual Use’ parking zones whereby residents would be able to park with permits and non-residents would be able to ‘Pay & Display’.

The proposals are shown below. Dropped kerbs shown are indicative- no changes to dropped kerbs are proposed

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A parking zone is proposed on the hospital side of the A6 Buxton Road, which would be ‘dual use’ for resident permit parking and ‘Pay & Display’ (Zone 1). It would be operational between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Saturday.

A parking zone is proposed on the opposite side of the A6 Buxton Road to the hospital, which would be dual use for resident permit parking and ‘Pay & Display’ with the ‘Pay & Display’ having a maximum stay of four hours (Zone 2). It would be operational between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Saturday.

The zones are proposed in such a way to minimise the likelihood of displacement parking whereby the issue may be moved elsewhere. Zones are proposed instead of street-by-street permits as this would provide more flexibility and opportunity for residents to park close to their property. Zonal schemes are a more efficient use of space as the overall space for residents parking is maximised.

Some properties on the perimeter of the proposed zones would be included in the scheme, including the A6 Buxton Road, as shown by the drawing. All properties in the shaded areas and listed are proposed to be included in the scheme.

The proposed zones provide an allowance of non-resident parking to protect the viability of local businesses and amenities, including the hospital, doctors and school.

It is proposed that the scheme would be operational between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Saturday to give maximum opportunity for resident/visitor parking during quieter periods. During the hours of operation, residents would need to display a permit to park in their zone and all non-residents would need to pay to park. The ‘Pay & Display’ facilities are proposed to be provided largely on a ‘pay by phone’ basis, with ticket machines provided on the A6 only.

Should the proposed scheme be progressed, households may be eligible to apply for up to two resident permits (for nominated vehicles registered to the address). Resident parking permits in the Borough are currently priced at £31 each per year, subject to review.

Blue badge holders would be able to park all day for free within the zones, unless specific regulations are developed when taking the scheme forward. We will seek to provide spaces for blue badge holders at appropriate locations and this will be considered further at the design stage if the scheme is progressed.

The proposals are such that a small number of existing free permit parking schemes within the proposed zones would become chargeable. Free schemes are not always enforceable and are being phased out by the Council.