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Open Activities and Consultations

  • JSNA Mental Health and Wellbeing

    Stockport's Health and Wellbeing Board has a legal duty to review and understand the health and social care needs of Stockport to inform our strategies and service plans; this is called the JSNA (Joint Strategic Needs Assessment). In Stockport we do this by regularly looking into specific... More

    Closes 24 March 2023

  • Marple Neighbourhood Plan

    Marple Neighbourhood Forum has prepared a Neighbourhood Plan for Marple and the council is now seeking your views on its content until 26 March 2023. Marple Neighbourhood Plan sets out planning policies that, once adopted, will guide future proposals for development in... More

    Closes 26 March 2023

  • Proposed Pedestrian Refuge, Compstall Road, Romiley

    We have drafted a proposal for a new pedestrian refuge crossing on Compstall Road, Romiley adjacent to the junction of Waterloo Road. The refuge crossing aims to support sustainable travel choices and improve safety of pedestrians crossing Compstall Road to access adjacent bus stops. ... More

    Closes 27 March 2023

  • Hartington Road-Park Road Trial Road Closure Consultation

    Following the Trial Road Closure of Hartington Road to Park Road, Stockport Councils Highways and Transportation is seeking to gather feedback regarding the impact the Trial Closure had to residents and commuters. More

    Closes 27 March 2023

  • Proposed Zebra Crossing, Compstall Road, Marple Bridge

    We have drafted a proposal for a new zebra crossing on Compstall Road, Marple Bridge adjacent to the junction of Cote Green Lane. The zebra crossing aims to support sustainable travel choices and improve safety of pedestrians crossing Compstall Road to access adjacent bus stops. ... More

    Closes 27 March 2023

Forthcoming Activities and Consultations

Closed Activities and Consultations

  • Concessionary Pass Travel in Greater Manchester

    Since the Covid-19 pandemic fewer people are using public transport in Greater Manchester. However, the reduction has been greatest amongst older people: concessionary pass use in Greater Manchester usage is considerably lower than pre-pandemic levels. We estimate this... More

    Closed 10 March 2023

  • School Streets Stockport - St Thomas' CofE Primary School

    What is this consultation about? We are gathering your views on a proposal to introduce a School Street at St Thomas’s CofE Primary School in Heaton Chapel. The proposal aims to reduce general and school traffic outside the school by closing local roads for short... More

    Closed 28 February 2023

  • Bramhall Lane Highway Scheme

    We have drafted highways proposals for the Bramhall Lane corridor between Blossoms Street and Windsor Street which aim to support sustainable travel choices and improve safety whilst maintaining and managing the performance of our existing transport network. This proposed scheme would... More

    Closed 12 February 2023

  • Broadstone Road (Reddish) Highway Scheme – New Toucan Crossing

    We are proposing a new Toucan (signal-controlled, pedestrian and cyclist) Crossing on Broadstone Road, Reddish between Briarfield Road and Keswick Road. The crossing aims to support sustainable travel choices and improve safety of pedestrians and cyclists crossing Broadstone Road. ... More

    Closed 12 February 2023

  • Dialstone (Offerton) Leisure Centre Consultation

    Stockport Council is facing extreme financial pressures. These pressures mean that we have a number of difficult decisions to make. In November to December, we introduced a range of ideas to the public of Stockport as part of a public consultation. This second part of our budget consultation... More

    Closed 12 February 2023

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked

We asked for your views on the potential implementation of Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) and associated signage and implementation of dropped kerbs with tactile paving; as part of a Road Safety around Schools scheme to support the Council’s overall strategic ambition to increase the number of children walking or cycling to school.

You said

A total of 81 responses were received with an equal split of 44% respondents supporting /against the proposals. 33 respondents strongly disagreed with the proposals, all of whom commented on the proposed parking restrictions. whilst 25 respondents that strongly agreed with the proposals some felt that the proposed restrictions don’t go far enough.

We did

In response to the feedback received, the proposed restrictions on Clough Meadow and Northdown Avenue will be reduced.  The consultation responses have been reviewed and analysed and will be discussed with ward members. This may lead to a reduction in the extent of parking restrictions proposed.

What happens next?

A meeting is proposed to discuss changes and amendments to the scheme will be carried out before the proposed scheme and report is presented to the Werneth Area Committee in April 2023, alternatively June 2023. If approved to continue with changes the TROs are expected to be advertised in late spring/summer 2023

We asked

We asked for the views of those who live and work in Stockport on the Council’s proposal to close St Mary’s RC school.

You said

  • There were 241 responses. A third were parents or carers. Nearly half were 'other interested parties"
  • 88% disagreed that the council has no other option available other than close the school. 61% believe there are other options that the council should consider
  • 91% do not support the closure of the school
  • 63% do not support the admissions process should the council choose to close the school

We did

Given the strength of consultation feedback and the position taken by the Diocese of Salford and their Trustees of the Emmaus Trust further time is sought before a decision is made on the closure of the school.

A pause will allow time for the Trustees to fully consider the feedback from consultation and establish a final position as to whether the school should be converted into their Trust.

The decision is to pause considerations of discontinuance until June 2023 at which point, should it be necessary, a further officer decision will be taken regarding the progress of the discontinuance process.

We asked

We asked for your views on the Expedited Public Spaces Protection Order (E-PSPO) for the safety of staff and visitors to vaccination centres. The order aims to protect the public from the harm that some protests can cause around schools, vaccination centres and NHS Test and Trace sites. The order is not designed to restrict free speech or the right to protest, however it is intended to ensure  both the public using the services, and staff and volunteers providing them can do so free from intimidation, harassment and any restriction of access to those services.

You said

There were a total of 27 responses to the survey which allowed members of the public to share their views and experiences of the order and its requirements.

When asked about interference to the vaccination centres, all respondents agreed this should be covered by the E-PSPO. We also asked about signage, text and images used, with 100% of respondents agreeing it should be a requirement of the E-PSPO to be removed if breaching it. The majority of respondents stated these behaviours had a major impact and led to harassment and intimidation.

Overall 96% of respondents completing the survey agreed with the council’s decision to introduce a 6 month E- PSPO to help prevent harassment, intimidation and impediment at COVID-19 vaccination clinics in Stockport.

We did

The results highlight the concerns regarding the behaviour around COVID- 19 vaccination sites for staff and service users. As a result of this consultation, we are opening a further consultation to seek views on replacing the e-PSPO with a 3-year public spaces protection order, which would be otherwise identical in its effect to the e-PSPO.

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