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We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We Asked

The Council was proposing to expand and re-locate Lisburne School in order to improve learning opportunities and the quality of the School’s facilities as well as provide additional places for the growing number of children who need them.

You Said

A total of five representations were received which largely repeat concerns about traffic and parking in the locality, which will be addressed as part of the Planning application and highways proposals that are designed to mitigate any impact as part of the proposed new scheme.

We Did

We have sent out a letter outlining the outcome of this consultation.

Following consideration of the representations by the Deputy Chief Executive, the final decision has now been taken, meaning that the school will be expanded and re-located, subject to achieving planning permission. This can be viewed here.

We Asked

We asked the Public their views on the Draft Woodford Neighbourhood Plan, written by the Woodford Neighbourhood Forum, this document sets out development policies that the group have proposed for their local area.

You Said

53 Responses where received to the proposals, they were broadly supportive however alterations where suggested.

We Did

All comment that where submitted where included as evidence that was submitted for independent examination. This was alongside all other evidence that helped create the Draft Neighbourhood Plan. The outcome of the independent examination can be found here

Several alterations to the Neighbourhood Plan where recommended by the Examiner, all amendments where accepted by the Woodford Neighbourhood Forum. The final document was presented and accepted by Full Council 4th July .

The Neighbourhood Plan Referendum took place. 12th September 2019.

The outcome of the referendum was:

Number of eligible voters: 1171

  • Number of votes cast: 452,  (38.6% turn-out)
  • Number of Yes votes: 433  (95.8%)
  • Number of No votes: 19 (4.2%)
  • Number of rejected ballot papers: 0

The Woodford Neighbourhood plan will now become become part of the Boroughs Development Plan and will used to determine planning applications within the Woodford Neighbourhood Area.

We Asked

We consulted on how to improve our fostering service and how we communicate it to the public.

The consultation formed part of our discovery phase, investigating people’s attitudes and thoughts about fostering, and how they experience the online and offline aspects of the service.

You Said

The survey results highlighted that the majority of people first find out about fostering through word of mouth or personal experiences (through family and friends), and would then use their online browser or the Council's website to find out more about fostering in Stockport.

We Did

The finding that most people hear about fostering through word of mouth along with the findings that people engage most with social media and hobby/leisure groups, has helped us refine how we market fostering and which channels are best to motivate people to enquire/get in touch with the fostering team.

You can read more about our findings and what we have done since by clicking on the link below:

Gaining Insights into the Fostering User Journey