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Through working together and supporting each other we can create a Borough which gives everyone a voice and an opportunity to celebrate its differences and where unique experiences can be shared. 

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Open Consultations and Surveys

  • Stockroom: A new learning and discovery space for Stockport

    As town centres across the UK struggle to recover from the decline of High Street shopping and the huge economic shock of Covid-19, Stockport is pioneering an innovative plan to increase footfall and inspire a love of learning in children and adults. Stockport has successfully bid for... More

    Closes 1 August 2021

  • Romiley to Stockport Walking & Cycling Route

    We are working hard with Transport for Greater Manchester to reduce air pollution and tackle climate change whilst also encouraging people to become more active. Part of this approach is making it easier for residents to increase the amount of walking and cycling they do on a daily basis. ... More

    Closes 8 August 2021

  • Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) Renewal Consultation - Responsible Dog Ownership

    Stockport Council is consulting on proposals to renew the existing Public Space Protection Order promoting responsible dog ownership in the borough. More

    Closes 7 September 2021

Closed Consultations and Surveys

  • Woodford Garden Village School Site Pre-Proposal Consultation

    Stockport Council is seeking views about how the new primary school at Woodford should be operated. When the council granted planning permission for the redevelopment of the former BAE systems site at Woodford, the planning permission included a single form entry primary school.... More

    Closed 29 July 2021

  • Stockport Armed Forces Covenant

    The national Armed Forces Covenant was introduced by the Government in 2011. It is ‘a promise by the nation ensuring that those who serve or who have served in the armed forces, and their families, are treated fairly.’ The Covenant is fulfilled by different groups including Central... More

    Closed 5 July 2021

  • Stockport to Edgeley Walking & Cycling Improvements

    Work has started on a Greater Manchester-wide programme to make journeys on foot or by bike much easier and more attractive. Chris Boardman, Greater Manchester’s Cycling and Walking Commissioner, unveiled an innovative new plan to create a city region-wide cycling and... More

    Closed 2 July 2021

  • Homelessness Prevention Strategy

    Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) is consulting on a new Greater Manchester Homelessness Prevention Strategy. Homelessness in all forms has increased in Greater Manchester since 2010 and tackling homelessness and rough sleeping is a key priority for GMCA and... More

    Closed 26 June 2021

  • Proposed Traffic Management Scheme in Reddish

    Stockport Council is proposing to introduce a traffic calming scheme in the Reddish area. This scheme is needed to help improve road safety in the area by managing the speed of vehicles, as well as ensuring that on-street parking is appropriate and safe for all road users. ... More

    Closed 25 June 2021

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked

Between Wednesday 13th January and Friday 12th February 2021, we asked you for your views on the existing traffic calming measures along Windlehurst Road between the A6 (Buxton Road) and Broadhurst’s Bridge. 

You said

Part 1 of the response form focused on traffic calming along Windlehurst Road (A6 to Broadhurst’s Bridge) as a whole.

A total of 932 online and written response forms were received in response to the consultation. The results indicate that the majority (81%) of respondents agree that traffic calming on Windlehurst Road should be reviewed and removed in some sections. 

Part 2 of the response form focused on the traffic calming along Windlehurst Road within the following two sections: Section 1 - Between the A6 (Buxton Road) and Andrew Lane; and Section 2 - Between Andrew Lane and Broadhurst’s Bridge (Macclesfield Canal).

77% and 89% of respondents respectively for Section 1 and 2 identified that they believe traffic calming should be removed within these Sections. Furthermore, 80% and 86% of respondents respectively for Section 1 and 2 identified that they do not like driving along Windlehurst Road. Very few respondents identified that they feel more comfortable walking or cycling along Windlehurst Road.  

We did

The analysis of the consultation has found that approximately half of the responses received to this public consultation were from residents who live outside the High Lane area. It is considered likely that these residents utilise Windlehurst Road as a driving route and would not experience the impacts of speeding along Windlehurst Road to the same extent as the residents who live alongside or adjacent to the road who are directly affected daily.

Therefore, it has been recommended that additional analysis is undertaken to better understand the various perspectives based on geographical locations prior to any decisions being made regarding the retention or removal of the existing traffic calming measures along Windlehurst Road.

We asked

We asked for your views on proposed changes to a number of SEND support services in Stockport funded by the High Needs Funding block of the Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG).

You said

We had over 674 responses to the consultation from a range of different stakeholders.

We did

We are now in the process of considering the outcomes of the consultation and beginning to work up the proposals that will be further developed to be taken forward later in the year. For more information please email

We asked

We asked for your thoughts on a proposed cycle route, a school streets pilot, a village 'parklet' and councillor lane improvements.

You said

The consultation asked for feedback on the proposed introduction of a new cycle track linking Whitegates Road to Ashfield Road and Massie Street car park. There was a total of 25 respondents of which 69% agreed.

Feedback was sought for a 'school street' pilot on Ashfield Crescent for Cheadle Primary School which would prevent motor vehicles using the road between school drop off/pick up times. There was a total of 26 respondents of which 69% agreed.

The consultation also asked for feedback on a proposed new 'parklet' to provide an attractive place to sit and parking for cycles on/ near to Cheadle high street. From the 26 respondents, 63% agreed.

Furthermore, the consultation asked for opinions on improvements to the appearance of the shopping parade, including new trees, cycle parking and seating. From the 29 respondents, 66% agreed with the recommendations.

We did

After consideration from the feedback received from the consultation, we have begun to progress the Ashfield Road Segregated Cycle route.

The overall positive feedback from the 'school street' pilot means that we have begun detailed designs for construction.

In response to the feedback received for the 'parklet' we are undergoing further assessment into the feasibility of an alternative position on the high street, to ensure the safest location.

The overall positive support for the Lane Improvements has meant that the proposal has been taken forward for detailed design and construction. Two bollards have been added to the proposal to prevent footway parking on the eastern side of York Close.

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For information about Stockport you can visit the Stockport Council website.

To have your say on the planning of health services in Stockport visit the Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group Have Your Say site.

To have your say on Greater Manchester-wide initiaves you can visit the GMCA consultation site.