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Open Activities and Consultations

  • Let's talk budget 24/25

    We provide over 800 services to support and improve the lives of residents, business and visitors, with an annual budget of £310 million. Every year we must deliver a budget that balances our spend with the income we receive. Over the last few years, we have experienced a series of...

    Closes 13 December 2023

  • Bridgehall, Cale Green, Edgeley and Shaw Heath Parking Survey

    Following feedback from residents and the local Councillors in the area of Bridgehall, Cale Green, Edgeley and Shaw Heath, we are carrying out a review of parking in the locality. The aim of the survey is to understand what issues you have with parking on your street.

    Closes 22 December 2023

Closed Activities and Consultations

  • Station Road, Town Centre Walking and Cycling Proposal

    In September 2021, proposed walking and cycling improvements on Station Road in Stockport Town Centre were approved. The previous design incorporated a segregated pedestrian and cycle crossing (Tiger crossing), tying into a segregated route along the Bridgescape which leads to the Interchange. ...

    Closed 12 November 2023

  • Newland Road Quiet Lane

    Following the implementation of a number of Cheadle Towns Fund schemes, Stockport Council is consulting on a proposal to provide a traffic calmed route along Newland Road. Background A total of £13.9m was awarded for the development of a new railway station for...

    Closed 29 October 2023

  • Massie Street Cycle Cut Through

    Stockport Council is consulting on a proposal to provide a segregated cycle route between Ashfield Crescent and Massie Street car park in Cheadle. A number of Cheadle Towns Fund schemes which included a route for cyclists utilising the quiet roads of Brookfield Road, Oak Road,...

    Closed 29 October 2023

  • Draft Stockport Education Contributions SPD

    Consultation on our draft Education Contributions Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) We have a statutory duty to ensure there are sufficient school places within the borough to meet the population's educational needs. The development of new homes can increase the need for additional...

    Closed 25 October 2023

  • Marple Active Community Hub & Marple Area Transport

    This online response form asks for your opinions on the Marple Community Hub & Marple Area Cycling & Walking proposals. Marple Community Hub Stockport Council has secured £20m worth of Capital Levelling Up funding towards the Marple Active Communities Hub and we are asking...

    Closed 9 October 2023

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked

We sought your views on the School Street trial at St Thomas’s CofE Primary School in Heaton Chapel around: whether or not it should continue as a permanent scheme; views on how it operated; and what changes respondents would like to see if it became permanent.


You said

There were a total of 265 responses.  119 parents/guardians indicated that they would like the scheme to continue unchanged with 10 responding that they would not.  19 residents who were permit holders (not parents/guardians) indicated that they would like the scheme to continue unchanged, with 3 seeking changes and 13 against its continuation.  Of residents in the wider neighbourhood, 61 respondents indicated that they would be happy to see the School Street continue, 6 sought changes and 20 were against.

The key suggestions arising from the consultation were:

  • Additional traffic management measures and signage
  • Additional enforcement
  • More road safety training for children
  • Addressing antisocial and dangerous driving and parking by parents
  • Alternative car parking
  • Clarification of the role of marshals

We did

The consultation comments and analysis have been shared with the Ward Councillors who have agreed that the scheme should continue.  Changes suggested will be explored further and may be progressed should funding become available. 

We asked

  • We asked for your views on whether we should replace the 6-month Expedited Public Spaces Protection Order (E-PSPO), which was due to expire in May 2023, with a 3-year Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO).
  • The council has duties to protect the health and safety of its staff, as well as to promote the health and wellbeing of residents, including those who are seeking vaccination against COVID-19.
  • We consulted on these proposals to explore resident views on whether the proposed PSPO would achieve this without unduly weakening the right to peaceful protest.

You said

This consultation had 17 responses. 88.2% of respondents were in favour of the introducing the 3-year PSPO.

Those who agreed with the proposal stated protestors were intimidating and aggressive to staff. Further comments were made regarding the effect on the wider public, including  “One Stockport Hub is a family friendly environment and the aggressive nature of the protests deterred residents from visiting, both for vaccinations and to use the space with their families”, and another saying that the E-PSPO “was very effective in minimising distress to staff and members of the public.” 

The respondents who were both for and against the proposal commented on the right to peaceful protest, and safeguarding staff against intimidation.

Those who did not agree with the proposal questioned whether it was needed for a further three years, given that the intimidating and aggressive behaviour outside the clinics  is vastly reduced.

We did

  • On 2 May 2023, the Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care considered the responses to this consultation, together with the previous consultation on the E-PSPO.
  • The Cabinet Member decided to end the E-PSPO and replace it with a three-year Public Spaces Protection Order.
  • This PSPO was issued on 22 May 2023, and can be found at

We asked

We asked for the views of Hawk Green residents who live adjacent to the village green on a proposal to install a picnic bench and memorial plaque as part of the Council’s COVID Community Commemoration Fund project. Preferences between three possible locations for the bench were sought, with the option also to reject the proposal.

You said

A total of 44 responses were received.

27 respondents (61%) rejected the proposal and 17 (39%) were in favour.

Reasons given 

In the main, the objections submitted related to the potential for an increase in anti-social behaviour and litter on the green and an increase in local traffic congestion.

Preferred location

Of those in favour of the installation (17):

  • 10 (59%) opted for the location adjacent to Hawk Green Road, near The Crown public house
  • 4 (24%) for the location to the west of the existing play area 
  • 3 (18%) for the location to the north of the play area

We did

In response to the feedback received, a picnic table will not be installed. Instead, a planter and plaque will be installed.

In line with your feedback the planter will be located adjacent to Hawk Green Road, near The Crown public house.

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