Stepping Hill Parking Zone Consultation

Closed 13 Mar 2020

Opened 12 Feb 2020


The Council is aware of residents’ concerns about parking in the Stepping Hill area. There have been a number of public meetings over several years and the Council recognises the issue of non-residents parking in residential streets. We have worked with the hospital and local residents in an attempt to address this issue.

We recognise this is a sensitive matter, which people feel strongly about and thank residents and businesses for their patience. There is no easy solution that balances the needs of all, however, the Council has developed proposals that aim to make parking easier for residents, whilst recognising the need to allow some parking for non-residents in order that the hospital and local businesses can continue to be supported.

It is our understanding there is not sufficient parking on site for all staff and visitors who drive to the hospital. The hospital has taken measures to reduce the number of staff and visitors parking on surrounding streets and targeted enforcement is carried out by the Council where specific issues have been identified. However, whilst this has seen some improvement, we recognise it has not made a significant difference to the number of cars parked on residential streets surrounding the hospital.

Whilst further measures are being considered, such as additional car parking on site and improved public transport access, it is reasonable to assume that as long as parking demand at the hospital exceeds capacity and there is free and unrestricted on street parking, the local area would continue to see non-resident parking.

As such, we are seeking the views of local residents and businesses on proposals for a resident-paid permit-parking scheme.

We welcome comments and suggested improvements or amendments. If the suggested amendments are not a viable solution in consideration of local residents, businesses and other highway users, it is not anticipated that alternative schemes will continue to be developed. These proposals have been formed through ongoing discussions with various parties over several years.

We invite you to join us at one of our drop-in events where you will have the opportunity to discuss the proposals with the Stockport Council team and provide your comments. The events are taking place:

  • Tuesday 25th February – St Saviour's Parish Church, Gladstone Street, Great Moor, SK2 7QF, 2-4pm
  • Thursday 27th February – Lecture Theatre A, Pinewood House, Education Department, Stepping Hill Hospital, 5.30-8pm

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the team by phone on 0161 474 2299 or email at

Thank you again for your patience in this matter and taking the time to consider the Council’s proposals. The Council will consider the responses to this consultation when deciding whether or not to proceed with a permit parking scheme. Either way we will continue to work with the hospital and public transport operators in seeking to improve parking in the Stepping Hill area.