Marple Neighbourhood Forum Re-designation

Closes 1 Oct 2021

Marple Neighbourhood Forum Re-designation

The Forum was successful in achieving designation via the process specified in the relevant legislation. The Forum membership stands in excess of 120 individuals along with a dozen or so affiliate organisations. Under the same legislation, the Forum is approaching the end of its five year designation period. In that five years the Forum has, inter alia, expanded its membership considerably, set up a number of topic study groups, consulted widely both to brief members and others on the meaning and scope of a neighbourhood plan as well as obtaining views on what that plan should contain, and drafted a plan itself which is part way through its consultation process.

The Forum is administered by a management committee all of whom have been elected at an annual general meeting as detailed in the Forum constitution. The constitution can be found here (opens in a new window). During the last five years membership of the management committee has changed but still retains some of the original management committee members. An AGM has been held every year and these have included not only the elections of the committee and presentations on the Forum’s activities and finances, but also briefings and focus groups for the members that have attended. The forum has drawn down money from the Government fund in accordance with the legislation, to assist and support its activities.

The Marple Neighbourhood Forum therefore formally submits this application to be re-designated for a further five years, during which time it is anticipated a fully constituted neighbourhood plan will be submitted via the legislative process for ratification by residents and others through a referendum.

The Marple Neighbourhood Forum may be contacted through its management committee via the following email address and its activities are detailed on the following website here (opens in a new window).

Current Members:

Cllr Malcolm Allan

Sue Ardern

Mr Paul Atkinson

Ms Julie Carter

Mr David Cooper

Mr Mike Davies

Mr Brian Evans

Mr Richard Feinmann

Friends of Rose Hill Station

Steve Grace

Anita Haygarth

Mr Derek Hill

Mrs Caroline Jennings

Gordon Johnson

Mrs Lynda Jowett

Mr Andrew Moorhouse

Mrs. Margery Mount

Peter Mount

Mr Trevor Scott

Ms Gill Shaw

Mr Simon Temple

Jeanette Webb

Mr Robin West

Mr Graham Woodhouse

Mr William Wragg

Mrs Lesley Wright

Please complete this online survey to submit your feedback. Alternatively, submissions may also be made via or in writing to Technical Policy & Planning (FPH 4), Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, Stopford House, Piccadilly, Stockport, SK1 3XE. Telephone number for information purposes only: 0161 474 4395.
Do you agree that the Marple Neighbourhood Forum should be re-designated as the qualifying body to prepare the Marple Neighbourhood Plan?
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