Marple Neighbourhood Forum Re-designation

Closed 1 Oct 2021

Opened 18 Aug 2021


Marple Neighbourhood Forum was designated on 1st December 2016 as the body responsible for preparing a neighbourhood plan for Marple. After 5 years, a forum must be re-designated in order to continue its role. In accordance with The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, Stockport Council is consulting on the re-designation of the Forum. More information is available at

Marple Neighbourhood Forum is a non-political group of members run entirely by volunteers and open to all residents of our specified neighbourhood forum area, along with those who work in the area (both for businesses or voluntary organisations) and representatives of local organisations as approved by the forum management committee, the latter being affiliate and non-voting members. Ward councillors who represent the neighbourhood forum area are also eligible to be members of the forum.

The forum was established in 2016 with the primary purpose of preparing a neighbourhood plan in partnership with Stockport MBC and other local stakeholders. Neighbourhood plans are powerful set of tools for local communities to influence future development in their local area by establishing a set of policies to be used in making decisions on planning applications. In addition its other primary purpose was to promote and improve the social, economic and other aspects of the environmental well-being of the residents of the specified area.

The Marple Neighbourhood Forum (MNF) fulfils the conditions of being a “qualifying body” for the following reasons:

  1. The constitution of the MNF, which is included in this application, clearly defines its overall purpose and objectives. This includes the express purpose of promoting and improving the social economic and environmental well-being of the specified area.
  2. Membership of the MNF is open to individuals who live in the neighbourhood area specified, individuals who work in the area specified and individuals elected as ward councillors in the area specified.
  3. Membership is in excess of the 21 required by the relevant legislation but for the purposes of this application a list of 25 members and 1 affiliate is attached, all of whom live or work in the neighbourhood area concerned or are an elected member of Stockport MBC. All the individuals on this list have consented to their name and personal details being submitted to Stockport MBC for the purposes of this application.
  4. The MNF has a written constitution which has been included with this application. This constitution has been agreed by the membership at the initial AGM.