Stockport Active Communities Strategy

Closes 15 Feb 2019

Stockport Active Communities Strategy

What are your overall impressions of the strategy?

How far do you agree or disagree with the vision and objectives of the Active Communities Strategy on page 4?

The visions and objectives of the Active Communities Strategy are:

  • We want to be bold and aspirational
  • We want to create a culture of active communities in Stockport, where people enjoy being active with their friends and families and enjoy and benefit from the cultural offer in Stockport.
  • We want to do this through working with our partners and residents.
  • We want to deliver a revitalised and vibrant Stockport – ensuring that suitable and accessible facilities, spaces and services are provided for all across the borough by a range of providers (including public, private and third sector organisations).
  • We want to target our focus on our population whose social and economic wellbeing will benefit the most from increasing their participation and leading active lives in their communities.  We want our focus to be primarily on our current inactive residents.

Do you have any comments on the vision and objectives?