Stockport Active Communities Strategy

Closed 15 Feb 2019

Opened 9 Jan 2019


The purpose of the Active Communities Strategy is to:

Summarise findings from Stockport's Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) about needs and priorities for health and wellbeing in relation to physical activity and our cultural offer.
Inform the public about our proposals for an Active Community. 
Outline a whole system view approach which encourages a strategic approach and identifies how all the of the strategies and plans across all council directorates and partners can contribute to the ambitions of the Active Communities Strategy.
Combining evidence base (where it exists), powerful insight that GM has shared with us,  incorporating the views and ideas of our: local partners and professionals, communities, families and individual residents, to determine our progress 
Identify a range of programmes that can align and contribute to the achievements of the active community strategy
Identify key actions for the next year which will be undertaken by Stockport Metropolitian Borough Council and our partners
Set out the targets for 2020/2021 and outcome measures by which the overall success of the strategy will be measured.


We are really keen to get your views about the document and secure your engagement in implementing the key priorities. Before we finalise the document we welcome your responses to the draft strategy.