Woodford Garden Village School Site Pre-Proposal Consultation

Closes 29 Jul 2021


Consultation responses will be used to inform which option to take forward and follow the relevant change process, discussed in the next pages of this website.

This is not a popular vote. Careful consideration will be given to the views and opinions of all stakeholders who engage in this process. It is important that you provide detail  alongside your responses so that decision makers can understand your perspective fully.

This pre-proposal consultation will inform the publication of a statutory proposal and a subsequent consultation will launch seeking views specifically on that proposal.


The relocation of Queensgate Primary is considered a prescribed alteration and as such does not need to follow a statutory change process however the Council will retain the elements of decision making as if it were following a statutory change process.

The expansion of Queensgate Primary School to a 2-form entry primary school is a prescribed alteration and is subject to a statutory change process.

The process that must be followed for the expansion and will be voluntarily followed for the relocation is as follows:

Stage 1 - Representation

This is the Statutory proposal/ notice

Stage 2 - Formal Consultation

The consultation must be at least 4 weeks. Stockport Council would consult for a minimum of 6 weeks. 

Stage 3 - Decision

Decision made by Stockport Council Cabinet. Must be made within 2 months. If no decision the expansion decision would fall to the Office of the School’s Adjudicator (OSA). The OSA can only decide on matters relating to the expansion, not the relocation. 

Stage 4 - Implementation 

No prescribed timescales



The Council would be considered the ‘proposer’ and as such cannot also be the decision maker. The statutory change process that must be followed is below:

Stage 1- Consultation

4 weeks. (Requirement filled by this consultation)

Stage 2 - Publication 

1 week, must be within 12 months of Stage 1 consultation. Formal publication for the proposal under S10

Stage 3 - Representation

6 weeks . To allow an interested party to comment on the published proposal

Stage 4 - Decision 

Up to 8 weeks. The Office of the School’s Adjudicator is the decision maker