Creating SEND Resource Provision at Romiley Primary School

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Closes 11 Dec 2022


A Specialist Resource Provision (SRP) is a provision within a minstream school where specific places are reserved for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). These pupils generally spend around 50% of their time taught within the mainstream classes, however they do not take up a mainstream school place.  

A resource provision is designed to enhance the inclusion of children with SEND in to mainstream schools and allow them to reach their full potential. It allows the school to promote inclusion and community cohesion while offering SEND pupils the ability to transition to a full mainstream curriculum where appropriate. This provision benefits both SEND and mainstream pupils as the school will have improved facilities and staff with experience in dealing with complex educational and social, emotional and mental health needs. 

The new provision will be based at the current site and will be based within the two mobile classrooms currently occupied by MiChild/Flying Start. The SRP will admit up to 16 pupils who have had it named in their Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). 

Remodelling of the space will be required, however, it is unknown at this stage whether additional building works will be required. If agreed, building and remodelling work will take place in Summer 2023. This is anticipated at a cost of £400k funded by Stockport Council. The resource provision will be funded so that they are self sufficient and do not require subsidising from the main school budget. A notional sum of between £14,000-£16,000 will be paid per child, with additional top up funds available should the child's needs dictate. If places are unfilled at a resource base the school will be paid £10,000 per unfilled place so that the quality of provision is assured regardless of numbers on roll. The resource provision will receive an additional £1,000 per year to fund additional learning materials, sensory equipment, play equipment.

The first consultation showed overwhelming support for the creation of the resource base, however parents wanted to know more about the before and after school provision that the school would offer.

Before and after school provision

Romiley Primary School have set out a vision to run a before and after school club which provides high quality care and nurture at a price parents can afford. The pricing model will cover the costs of the provision as well as carry some contingency in case of a drop in demand.

The before and after school club will be run in the school hall and be covered by existing schol staff. It is anticipated to operate with a maximum capacity of 60 from September 2023. 

The before school provision will run from 7.30am at a cost of £5 per session. There are two options for after school, the first running until 4.30pm at a cost of £5 per day or 6pm at a cost of £10 per day. The school would use a booking system called Magic Booking which enables parents to book if there is sufficient credit on their account. If there is a demand from parents, breakfast could be provided at an additional cost of 50p per day. 

The provision is not intended to make profit and only cover the costs incurred to the school to run. Prices may increase due to increased costs and parents will be notified in advance of any increases. The school will not be making any profit from this provision.  

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