Expanding Mainstream and SEND Capacity at Tithe Barn Primary School

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Closes 18 Jun 2023


A Specialist Resource Provision (SRP) is a provision within a minstream school where specific places are reserved for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). These pupils generally spend around 50% of their time taught within the mainstream classes, however they do not take up a mainstream school place.  

A resource provision is designed to enhance the inclusion of children with SEND in to mainstream schools and allow them to reach their full potential. It allows the school to promote inclusion and community cohesion while offering SEND pupils the ability to transition to a full mainstream curriculum where appropriate. This provision benefits both SEND and mainstream pupils as the school will have improved facilities and staff with experience in dealing with complex educational and social, emotional and mental health needs. 

1. What is your name?
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3. What is your affiliation with the school?
4. Would you support the proposal to create a resource base provision at Tithe Barn Primary School?
5. Would you support the proposal to increase the mainstream capacity at Tithe Barn Primary School?
6. How important is it that children have the choice to attend their local school irrespective of their needs?
7. What factors do you think are the most important that the Council should consider when choosing a school to create new SEND provision at?
8. Do you wish to make any other comments about how the proposal?