JSNA Mental Health and Wellbeing

Closes 24 Mar 2023

Opened 2 Mar 2023

Feedback expected 28 Apr 2023


Stockport's Health and Wellbeing Board has a legal duty to review and understand the health and social care needs of Stockport to inform our strategies and service plans; this is called the JSNA (Joint Strategic Needs Assessment). In Stockport we do this by regularly looking into specific topics and producing a briefing about our anlaysis and findings.

We have recently produced a draft JSNA for Mental Health and Wellbeing and want to consult local people; including staff, members of the public and commissioners; to ensure that our latest assessment includes evidence from all the local experts and truly reflects the needs of our local population.

This JSNA will be used to inform Stockport's Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy as well as the overall One Stockport Health and Care plan.

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