Expedited Public Spaces Protection Order Consultation

Closed 3 Jan 2023

Opened 28 Nov 2022

Feedback updated 23 Mar 2023

We asked

We asked for your views on the Expedited Public Spaces Protection Order (E-PSPO) for the safety of staff and visitors to vaccination centres. The order aims to protect the public from the harm that some protests can cause around schools, vaccination centres and NHS Test and Trace sites. The order is not designed to restrict free speech or the right to protest, however it is intended to ensure  both the public using the services, and staff and volunteers providing them can do so free from intimidation, harassment and any restriction of access to those services.

You said

There were a total of 27 responses to the survey which allowed members of the public to share their views and experiences of the order and its requirements.

When asked about interference to the vaccination centres, all respondents agreed this should be covered by the E-PSPO. We also asked about signage, text and images used, with 100% of respondents agreeing it should be a requirement of the E-PSPO to be removed if breaching it. The majority of respondents stated these behaviours had a major impact and led to harassment and intimidation.

Overall 96% of respondents completing the survey agreed with the council’s decision to introduce a 6 month E- PSPO to help prevent harassment, intimidation and impediment at COVID-19 vaccination clinics in Stockport.

We did

The results highlight the concerns regarding the behaviour around COVID- 19 vaccination sites for staff and service users. As a result of this consultation, we are opening a further consultation to seek views on replacing the e-PSPO with a 3-year public spaces protection order, which would be otherwise identical in its effect to the e-PSPO.

Results updated 23 Mar 2023

A report outlining the findings of the consultation can be found below.



Stockport Council have introduced an Expedited Public Spaces Protection Order (E-PSPO) to Stockport. These orders aim to protect the public from harm that some protests in the vicinity of schools, vaccination centres and NHS Test and Trace (T and T) sites can cause. 

This order is not designed to restrict free speech or the right to protest. This order is intended to help ensure that both the public using services at our vaccination centres and the staff and volunteers providing these services, can do so free from intimidation, harassment and impediment of access or provision of services.

To find out more about this E-PSPO please see the supporting document below or visit www.stockport.gov.uk/PSPO

Why your views matter

This E-PSPO was agreed on Friday 25 November 2022. Your views may lead to this decision being revisited.



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