Street Cleaning Consultation 2019

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Closes 11 Nov 2019

Street Cleaning Consultation 2019

Central government funding for councils is reducing. The Council has already made savings of £100 million in recent years while delivering and even improving services for the residents of Stockport. Over the coming years we’ll be faced with further difficult decisions about how to prioritise our spending.

In 2020/21, we need to make savings of £10 million. We want your views on a range of proposals which would contribute £4.2m to this target.

The Council are committed to engaging with, and informing, Stockport residents about how we will work in the future. The aim of this consultation exercise is to inform you of the current proposal regarding street cleansing, establish the impact this proposal would have and to invite feedback on it.

In 2018 the council consulted with the public on a range of proposals to reduce street cleaning and park and highway verge maintenance. Councillors used the feedback from this exercise to inform their decision making on implementing these proposals. The reductions proposed in 2018 were not implemented.

We are now proposing a saving that will have a lesser impact on the service provided to the public.

In the year 2018/19 there was a £110,000 underspend in the street cleaning budget. We are proposing to remove this underspent budget along with an additional £40,000, meaning the street cleaning budget would be reduced by £150,000 in total.

As the service has already been operating at an underspend of £110,000 it is not anticipated that the further reduction of £40,000 will have a significant impact on the current standards. However, there may be a decrease in responsiveness and an easing in the current quality of cleaning standards in some areas.

How far do you agree or disagree with the following statement? 'I understand why the Council has to make savings.'
What impact would it have on you if these proposals were implemented?