Stockport Street Cleaning, Park and Highway Verge Maintenance Consultation

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Closes 11 Jan 2019

Stockport Street Cleaning, Park and Highway Verge Maintenance Consultation

The proposals to achieve these savings are outlined below. It should be understood though that once the reduced teams are actually operating across the borough there would be a need to closely monitor, review and refine the working arrangements and continue to make adjustments to maximise the efficiency of the service. However the broad proposals are:

  • Grass verges on highways would be mowed less often. There would be long grass apparent for longer periods of time across the entire highway network.
  • The frequency of street cleansing rounds would be reduced.
  • The number of litter bins would be reduced across the borough, both on the streets and possibly within parks. It is expected that the vast majority of people who currently dispose of their litter appropriately would continue to do so.
  • Many smaller play areas will be modified over time to reduce the demand on maintenance costs by increased use of natural play equipment.
  • Grass mowing in all greenspaces, except sports pitches and play areas, would be reduced. There would be longer grass for longer periods.  It is anticipated that several areas will become space for wild meadows.
  • All aspects of park maintenance such as pruning shrubs, hedge cutting and sports pitch renovations would be reduced.

How far do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

I understand why the Council has to make savings