Stockport Active Communities Strategy 2022- 2030

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Closes 31 Jan 2022

Our Vision and Objectives

Our vision is:

' Stockport More Active, More Often'

Our Objectives are:

  • We want to be bold and aspirational as we recover and reinvent from Covid-19
  • We want to create a culture of active communities in Stockport, where people enjoy being active with their friends, colleagues and families to bring people together
  • We want to do this by working with our partners and residents, where everyone has a part to play
  • We want to deliver a revitalised and vibrant Stockport – ensuring that suitable and accessible facilities, spaces and services are provided for all across the borough by a range of providers (including public, private and third sector organisations)
  • We want to target our focus on our population whose health, social and economic wellbeing will benefit the most from leading a more active life in their communities
  • We want our focus to be primarily be on our most inactive residents
  • Support the aims of the ONE Stockport Borough Plan