Special Provision Capital Fund to re-build and expand Lisburne School

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Closes 22 Feb 2019


Local Authorities have a duty to support all children and young people, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), and must make sure that there are enough good school places for all pupils. The Government has allocated Stockport £1.64m through the Special Provision Capital Fund (SPCF), divided across 2018 to 2021. The funding is to assist the Local Authority in creating new places and improving existing facilities for children and young people with SEND in consultation with parents.

 Last year the Local Authority consulted on use of the funding. Responses received raised many points about additional services that would benefit children with SEND. These services are not covered by the Capital Fund and the feedback is being considered in the wider context of SEND services. The feedback did also include acknowledgement of the shortage we have of school places for children with SEND and published a Plan to indicate that the first year’s funding would be used to provide additional Reception Year places for Lisburne School.

It is now proposed that the full allocation will be used to fund the re-build and expansion of Lisburne School as agreed by the Council’s Cabinet in April 2018. This will provide capacity in the primary sector which is under most pressure at this time.

We are now seeking your views on this proposal to inform the Plan that will be re-published in March 2019. Please submit your response by Friday 22/02/2019.