Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Transport Consultation

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Closes 11 Nov 2019

SEND Transport Consultation

We are seeking views on the four proposals below, relating to special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) home to school/college transport provision for children and young people aged 0-25.

  1. Plans to raise awareness of the benefits of Personal Transport Budgets to eligible parents and carers. 
  2. Plans to raise awareness of the benefits of Independent Travel Training (ITT) to parents and carers of eligible children with SEND.  
  3. A planned review of all current transport routes and vehicle occupancy levels.  
  4. A proposal to increase the use of on-street pick-ups and drop-offs, which would reduce journey time and increase vehicle occupancy.  

These proposals are expected to achieve savings of up to £269,000 in total, which will contribute towards the Council's overall saving requirement of £10m in 2020/21. 

Subject to approval, any changes to SEND Transport resulting from the proposals above will come into effect from September 2020. 

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