Road Safety around Schools – Bridge Hall Primary School

Closed 1 Oct 2021

Opened 13 Sep 2021

Feedback updated 23 Feb 2022

We asked

We asked for your views on the potential implementation of a footway build-out with associated dropped kerbs with tactile paving; pencil bollards, access protection markings, new school warning signs, sign post painting and provision of additional road markings to support the Council’s overall strategic ambition to increase the number of children walking or cycling to school.

You said

1 response was received as part of the consultation; this was supportive of the proposed scheme.

We did

The proposals were approved at the Central Stockport Area Committee on 21st October 2021 and the proposals are being taken forward for detailed design and then construction.  

The full report can be viewed on the Council’s Democracy Web pages here (Item 9):


The Council’s overall strategic transport ambition is to increase the number of children walking or cycling to school, both to reduce congestion on roads, improve local air quality, and improve health outcomes. In order for this to be achieved, it is important that walking or cycling to school is a safe option for children and their families.

To support this ambition, the Feasibility and Road Safety Team have been working to tackle key concerns which have been raised by schools and local Members.

To reduce the impact of inconsiderate parking and to highlight to passing vehicles there are children in the area, the following improvements have been identified surrounding Bridge Hall Primary School:

  • A footway build out at the existing uncontrolled crossing on Siddington Avenue to improve visibility for pedestrians;
  • Replacement of existing bollards at the junction of Siddington Avenue / Cuddington Crescent with pencil bollards to highlight to drivers that children will be crossing the road;
  • Relining of the existing road markings at the Siddington Avenue / Cuddington Crescent junction;
  • Provision of school warning signs on Siddington Avenue;
  • Provision of access protection markings on Cuddington Crescent at properties with dropped kerbs;
  • Provision of kerb blips on Cuddington Crescent to reinforce the existing No Loading restrictions (8am – 5pm Monday to Friday);
  • Existing sign posts on Cuddington Crescent will be painted to highlight the school entrance; and
  • An upgrade of the school warning signage on Adswood Road including provision of ‘School 20 When Lights Show’ signage to encourage vehicles to slow down at school times.

Please view the plans here:

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Please could you spend a few minutes to consider the issues and let us have your feedback on the proposals. Your feedback is valued and appreciated and we welcome your involvement in the process. We will collate, analyse and consider all responses received and the feedback from the consultation will be used as part of the decision making process prior to the implementation of any measures.

Please include any comments you may wish yo make on the proposal by completing the online survey by Friday 1st October 2021.