Proposed Little Moor Local Centre Improvements

Closes 1 Jul 2019

Opened 7 Jun 2019


There is a proposed improvement scheme for Hall Street and Little Moor Local Centre. The scheme aims to improve the environment with wider, paved footways and street furniture. The proposals include:

  • A footway build-out and repaving between the Emigration pub and the signal controlled pedestrian crossing; 
  • A footway build-out and repaving between the Victoria pub and the vehicle access adjacent to 137 Hall Street; 
  • Tightening of the Canterbury Road junction to reduce the crossing distance and turning speeds, and new tactile paving and dropped kerbs at junctions on both sides of Hall St between George Street (East and West) and Turncroft Lane (adjacent to the garage); 
  • Visibility improvements at the Victoria Park junction through the removal of low-level vegetation and low hanging branches and, 
  • Possible new sponsored gateway signs on the approaches to Little Moor Local Centre

Click here to view the plans for the proposed improvements (opens in a new window)

As a result of the proposals a small amount of parking would be removed from unsuitable locations adjacent to junctions, this includes a short section of No Waiting at Any Time between George Street East and the signal controlled pedestrian crossing. We have sought to minimise the loss of parking as much as possible.

A consultation event is taking place at Woodbank Community Centre, Turncroft Lane on Wednesday 19th June 3:30pm-7:30pm where you will have the opportunity to discuss the proposals with the Stockport Council team and provide your comments. 

If you require this consultation in an alternative format, please telephone 0161 474 2299

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