Minimum Fare 2022

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Closes 31 Jan 2022


Although Stockport has 135 wheelchair accessible hackney carriages (taxis) , these tend to be found on taxi ranks in and around town centre locations . This isn’t helpful if you need a hackney taxi to pick you up from home or another address.

The law only allows a hackney taxi driver to start the taxi meter once the customers journey is about to begin. 

This means that in some instances the driver may have travelled a considerable distance for what might only be a small fare.

An example of this can be found below

The Proposal

The hackney carriage trade have requested that a prebooked minimum fare of £7.50 be added to the Council issued taxi fare/tariff card.

If approved this would mean that where a hackney taxi has been prebooked and the taxi meter fare shows less than £7.50 then £7.50 would be charged . Where the taxi meter fare is £7.50 or above only the taxi meter charge would apply

Why introduce a minimum fare for pre-booked hackney carriage journeys?

The taxi trade have explained that the introduction of such a fee would make it viable for them to undertake short prebooked journeys and so hopefully improve availability of these wheelchair accessible vehicles.

If approved it would mean that anyone who prebooked a hackney taxi for a day time journey that is less than 2.5 miles would be paying greater than the taxi meter fare

Hackney taxis that are flagged down in the street or accessed from a taxi rank would not be subject to the prebooked minimum fare. The purpose of the prebooked minimum fare is to offset the dead/ empty mileage in travelling to the pickup point.

Worked example

The following scenario provides the background to the request for a prebooked minimum fare 

If a passenger was to request a hackney carriage vehicle to collect them from home on Ladybridge Road to take them to the Kenilworth, and they specifically wanted a hackney carriage vehicle how would they get one.

The chances are they wouldn’t, the drivers tend not to make their contact tele numbers readily available because if the vehicle/ driver is on Stockport train station taxi rank it is not worth their while to travel from Stockport town centre to collect a customer  on Ladybridge Road and travel the short distance to the Kenilworth .

The driver is only permitted to charge the customer from pick up to drop off point. The legislation also allows the driver to refuse a customer for any reasonable cause. The scenario described above would probably constitute a “reasonable cause”. It cant be reasonable for a taxi driver to undertake what is probably 1 hours round trip from Stockport train station for a £3.50 fare.

Private hire journey fares cannot be restricted by the Council and therefore private hire operators can impose a fee for “dead mileage” to a pick up point if they choose to do so.