Libraries Consultation

Closed 15 Dec 2018

Opened 22 Oct 2018


To enable library members to access the library on a self-service basis outside of staffed opening hours, we are introducing Open Library technology (Open+) in a further five libraries across the borough. We have been running a trouble free pilot of this technology in Bramhall Library since 2015, which has enabled us to thoroughly test the technology in a library environment.

We want to make sure that everyone who needs to, can access library services when our staff are available to support them. When scheduling staffed hours at this library we will give consideration to our busiest periods, including when activities take place. We will also give consideration to the needs of specific groups such as children, young people and older people who may need support from our staff.  The consultation will enable you to have your say on when you would like the library to be staffed or available via self-service.