Libraries Consultation 2019

Closes 15 Nov 2019

Libraries Consultation

The Council needs to decide how library services can be delivered in the future. Our approach is to ensure that our libraries offer face to face services at the times most needed.

The way people use libraries is changing, with increased use of on-line services.  Customers access our online services to download e-books, e-audiobooks, e-magazines and e-newspapers.  Our customers renew and reserve library items online and receive emails alerts when books are overdue or reservations are ready.  Information and access to Council Services is also available on-line.

Open+ technology allows registered library users to access their library when the building is unmanned and would otherwise be closed. 

The savings we need to make could come from:

  • installing Open + technology in some libraries which would increase opening hours and reduce staffed hours
  • reducing opening times in some libraries where Open + can’t be installed

This consultation will enable you to have your say on what hours you would prefer libraries to be open. In addition, for those libraries where Open + technology could be installed, you can have your say on which hours the library could be unstaffed but still open via Open + self-service and which hours you would prefer the library to be staffed.