Polling District Review - Stage 2 Consultation

Closes 7 Oct 2022


What is the difference between a ward and a polling district?

A ward is an electoral area represented by councillors. Polling districts are the sub-areas a ward is divided into to help with the running of the elections. Your polling district determines which polling station you vote at.  

How have we made the changes to the polling districts?

The proposed changes have been based on several different criteria:

  • The nearest polling station based on walking distance was identified for every property. This includes all the tracks and paths that the public are allowed to use. This calculation does not consider the ground, footpath surface type or ‘safe’ lit paths.
    • There have been some exceptions where the property joins a road or path to the rear or side of a property.
    • To simplify the routing, calculations were performed between properties and the polling stations within the property’s Ward only.
  • Once the nearest polling station was established, the proposed polling districts were created. Where possible we:
    • Tried to keep roads in the same polling districts.
    • Took into consideration major roads and safe crossing points. For example, the A34.
    • The number of people who vote in the polling district did not affect the boundaries.
    • Future housing developments did not affected the boundaries.
    • Polling districts do not cross over Parliamentary boundaries.

Why do we need to review our Polling Districts?

There have been changes to Stockport’s ward boundaries, so the Council must look at our polling districts, polling places and polling stations. We need to do this so we can make sure that the next elections in 2023 run smoothly.


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