Climate Change

Closed 4 Sep 2020

Opened 31 Jul 2020

Feedback updated 3 Jun 2021

We asked

We asked how important you believe the climate is and how we should tackle climate change.

You said

The consultation on the climate action strategy went live on the Council’s Have Your Say webpage on 31st July 2020 and closed on 4th September 2020 and there were 189 responses.

Most people (89.95%) feel that the climate is very important and 78.31% of respondents are very committed to tackling it. 83.52% of people felt that they could do more to tackle climate change but the main obstacle to doing this is cost.

The next part of the consultation asked respondents how far they agreed or disagreed with proposed actions. 86.24% of respondents agreed with building climate action into everything we do; 85.19% agreed with working with businesses and local people to take action; 88.36% agreed that we should have more energy efficient homes and buildings, now and in the future; 87.3% agreed that we should ensure that future energy needs of the Borough can be met in a sustainable way; 85.71% agreed that we should move to carbon-free transport options and increase walking, cycling and use of public transport; 91.01% agreed that we should protect and enhance our natural environment; 90.34% agreed that we should put climate impact at the heart of everything we do.

We did

Across the borough, we have already acted on tackling the climate crisis.

Stockport homes are recognised as leaders in sustainability with 91% of homes having an EPC rating C or above.

Regarding renewable energy, Stockport Council have commenced a £20 million LED Lighting and Energy Efficiency project for its street lighting network which aims to reduce the associated energy demand by 33%. We are also in the process of  planting 2,200 trees across  the borough.

We have also invested in sustainable travel including cycling schemes through the Mayoral Corporation Fund and we have introduced electric charging points within the borough and electric vehicles into our fleet.


Online Consultation

In March 2019, Stockport Council declared a climate emergency and agreed to become carbon neutral by 2038. With this declaration, we committed to play our part to reduce carbon emissions across the borough, and to use our role as an influencer of the Borough to encourage everyone to play their part.

The climate emergency is a big challenge, and we recognise that we can play our role as an influencer of the borough by doing everything we can to reduce carbon across areas we are directly responsible for, but we can’t do everything. We need everyone to play their part. We have created six workstreams, covering all areas of the Council’s services. These workstreams include a series of commitments – our ‘We Will’ statements – to be clear about the actions we are taking, and will take:

The workstreams are:

  • Council CAN
  • Climate Friendly Borough
  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Transport
  • Natural Environment
  • Sustainable Financial Appraisal

But the scale of the challenge is bigger than the Council. Collectively, Stockport Council make up just 5% of Stockport’s carbon emissions. To meet this challenge, residents, businesses and community groups all need to play their part.