Climate Change

Closed 4 Sep 2020

Opened 31 Jul 2020


Online Consultation

In March 2019, Stockport Council declared a climate emergency and agreed to become carbon neutral by 2038. With this declaration, we committed to play our part to reduce carbon emissions across the borough, and to use our role as an influencer of the Borough to encourage everyone to play their part.

The climate emergency is a big challenge, and we recognise that we can play our role as an influencer of the borough by doing everything we can to reduce carbon across areas we are directly responsible for, but we can’t do everything. We need everyone to play their part. We have created six workstreams, covering all areas of the Council’s services. These workstreams include a series of commitments – our ‘We Will’ statements – to be clear about the actions we are taking, and will take:

The workstreams are:

  • Council CAN
  • Climate Friendly Borough
  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Transport
  • Natural Environment
  • Sustainable Financial Appraisal

But the scale of the challenge is bigger than the Council. Collectively, Stockport Council make up just 5% of Stockport’s carbon emissions. To meet this challenge, residents, businesses and community groups all need to play their part.