Start Well in the earliest years – parent/carer survey

Closed 17 Mar 2020

Opened 14 Feb 2020


The earliest years of a child’s life are the most important and lay the foundations for lifelong learning and future success.  Speech, language and communication is important to all aspects of children’s development and key to supporting school readiness.

Stockport’s Start Well approach brings together everyone working with families and children 0-5 years with a shared focus of supporting child development and school readiness. Start Well recognises that outcomes for children are at there best when professionals, services and parent/carers work together.

Parent/carers are children’s first and most important educators and caregivers.  This survey is for you to share your views and experiences of supporting your child/children’s early development in particular speech, language and communication skills.

The survey is for parent/carers of children 0-5 years and will take no longer that 15 minutes to complete. The findings will inform Stockport’s Start Well plan, including how services can better connect with families and share key messages about children’s early learning and development. You will have the opportunity and the end of the survey to sign up to support, or hear about the progress of Stockport's Start Well plan. 

The survey is confidential and the information provided will not be shared with any third parties and is fully compliant with the council's privacy policy.