Schools Organisation Consultation- Uniting Nevill Road Infant and Junior Schools into a Single School

Closes 18 Apr 2021


Stockport is immensely proud of its children and young people and recognise that they are our future. We all must acknowledge the great responsibility we have to ensure our children and young people have the best start to life, they are happy and safe, and they have the opportunity, skills and passion to thrive.

Our schools and colleges give them the foundations they need to prepare them for adulthood and achieve their aspirations. The importance of education and schools as key anchors in neighbourhoods is vital. We want our families to feel supported, empowered and connected to their community.

Covid-19 has significantly impacted our children, young people and their families, whether that’s through the pressures of home schooling, the cancellation of exams, missing out on going to university or simply being unable to spend time with friends and family. Our families, schools, colleges and public services have come together to support each other and have remained ambitious for the fantastic things that they can and will go on to achieve.

We want to move forward with that spirit of togetherness and inclusion, and work with schools and communities to plan our priorities to:

  • Align and underpin the offer of our Schools so that it better meets the needs of its community
  • Enhance our early offer, ensuring all children, young people and families receive the help they need, when they need it and before things escalate
  • Deliver our SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) Strategy to ensure children and young adults with SEND have the best start in life and the opportunity to improve the emotional wellbeing for all children
  • Equip children in care and care leavers with the skills needed to live a fulfilling, successful and rewarding life through delivery of our Corporate Parenting Strategy

We believe the fundamentals to delivering our vision for Children and Young People in Stockport is:

  • Strong leadership
  • Clear and consistent ethos about learning and life
  • Fostering a sense of belonging and significance within  schools and colleges
  • Quality teaching and learning opportunities
  • Learning environments suited to providing quality learning and to the needs of its pupils

Following the resignation of Mrs Alison Marshall, Headteacher at Nevill Road Infant School, we have taken this opportunity to embrace our commitment to engage with schools and local communities about how we achieve our vision for our children and young people.

We believe that unifying Nevill Road Infant School and Nevill Road Junior School into a single primary school will enhance the offer provided by both schools.

The coming together of both schools will contribute the following to our shared vision of the children and young people of Bramhall:

  • Single School Leadership Team and Governing Body with the strategic overview of the School’s 2-11 provision
  • Consistency, continuity, and familiarity in
    • Ethos, and approach to learning
    • Pastoral care
    • Curriculum
  • Opportunities for existing staff to professionally develop across the Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2