Creating SEND Resource Provision at Dial Park Primary School

Closed 18 Jun 2023

Opened 4 May 2023


Stockport is proud of the quality of education provided by its diverse and high-performing system of schools, colleges, and early years’ settings. Stockport is committed to ensuring its residents have access to good local schools which offer a rich and varied learning experience.

The Council has an enduring statutory responsibility to commission sufficient high quality school places. This means having the right number and type of school places, in the right place, at the right time to meet demand.

Stockport Council wants to know your views on a proposal to establish a specialist resource provision (SRP) at Dial Park Primary School for pupils with learning and cognition, or social, emotional and mental health needs. Stockport Council is committed to improving the SEND offer and ensuring families have the option to allow their child's needs to be met locally. 

Currently, children requiring specialist provision are having to travel a significant distance across the borough to have their needs met in a specialist setting. Projections indicate that the number of children requiring specialist provision will increase at a level of 2.85% each year until 2027. 

If agreed, this proposal will expand Stockport's current SEND provision; ensuring that suitable, high quality, local provision is available for all pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. 

Why your views matter

Responses to this consultation will be used to inform a final decision by the Council's Place Planning Board about whether or not to publish a statutory proposal to create new SEND provision at Dial Park Primary School.

What happens next

This pre-publication consultation will inform the publication of a statutory proposal and a subsequent consultation will launch seeking views specifically on those proposals.

The creation of new SEND provision at a maintained community school is considered a prescribed alteration and is subject to a statutory change process.

The process that must be followed is as follows:





Stage 1


(statutory proposal/notice)


Published on web

Stage 2


(formal consultation)

Must be 4 weeks

Stockport would consult for minimum of 6 weeks

Stage 3


Decision made by Cabinet, must be made within 2 months. If no decision the expansion decision would fall to the Office of the School’s Adjudicator (OSA)

The OSA can only arbitrate on matters relating to the decision to create a new resource provision and not the implications of that decision.

Stage 4


No prescribed timescale

It must be as specified in the published statutory notice, subject to any modifications agreed by the decision-maker


The Council's Place Planning Board are expected to make a decision about whether or not to proceed to Stage 1 of the statutory process outline above on 8th May 2023


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