Woodford Neighbourhood Draft Plan

Closed 7 Dec 2018

Opened 24 Oct 2018

Feedback updated 16 Nov 2021

We asked

We asked the Public their views on the Draft Woodford Neighbourhood Plan, Written by the Woodford Neighbourhood Forum, this document sets out development policies that the group have proposed for their local area.

You said

53 Responses where received to the proposals, they were broadly supportive however alterations where suggested.

We did

All comments that were submitted were included as evidence for independent examination. This was alongside all other evidence that helped create the Draft Neighbourhood Plan. The outcome of the independent examination can be found here

Several alterations to the Neighbourhood Plan where recommended by the Examiner, all amendments where accepted by the Woodford Neighbourhood Forum. The final document was presented and accepted by Full Council 4th July 

The Neighbourhood Plan Referendum took place. 12th September 2019.

The outcome of the referendum was:

Number of eligible voters: 1171

  • Number of votes cast: 452,  (38.6% turn-out)
  • Number of Yes votes: 433  (95.8%)
  • Number of No votes: 19 (4.2%)
  • Number of rejected ballot papers: 0

The Woodford Neighbourhood plan will now become become part of the Boroughs Development Plan and will used to determine planning applications within the Woodford Neighbourhood Area.

Published responses

View submitted responses where consent has been given to publish the response.


Neighbourhood planning was introduced with the Localism Act 2011. Since then communities across the country have taken up the opportunity to prepare Neighbourhood Plans. These plans enable communities to put in place a vision and policies for future local Development.

Woodford Neighbourhood Forum is the first body within the Borough of Stockport to submit a proposed plan on behalf of a Community.

Written by the Woodford Neighbourhood Forum, this document seeks public views on development policies that the group have proposed for their local area.

Why your views matter

Under the Localism Act 2011 and in accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations, Stockport Council will conduct the formal consultation on behalf of the Woodford Neighbourhood Forum.

Views and proposed policies contained within the document are those of the Woodford Neighbourhood Forum and not those of Stockport Council.

Comments are welcome, both from the local community and wider area.