Windlehurst Road Traffic Calming Measures

Closed 12 Feb 2021

Opened 13 Jan 2021


Following the opening of the A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road (A6MARR) in October 2018 and the implementation of a series of mitigation measures throughout High Lane, further local traffic concerns have been raised by elected members and local residents. As a result, Stockport Council undertook a feedback consultation exercise during February 2020. The aim of this consultation was to understand these local traffic concerns and seek to identify possible solutions that could alleviate some of the problems and we thank you for your feedback received to date.

One question on the response form related to Windlehurst Road and asked respondents to identify issues and potential solutions. The responses were reviewed and several concerns were raised relating to the current traffic calming measures along Windlehurst Road.

During a previous two stage consultation in 2015, Stockport Council asked for feedback from local residents and stakeholders in order to understand existing traffic issues. This information was reviewed by the Council in the context of the predicted increase in traffic as a result of the A6MARR, to inform the development of the proposed mitigation measures.

As part of this 2015 consultation, comments were received in relation to the speed, behaviour and make up of traffic flow on Windlehurst Road (and other roads).

There was support for the provision of raised junction tables along Windlehurst Road during the second stage of the consultation. A number of road humps and speed cushions were also included in the proposals to support the junction tables and maximise the effectiveness of the proposals.

In order for a traffic calming scheme to be effective, the individual components must be considered collectively on a section by section basis. For the purposes of this consultation, the Council has defined the sections of the existing measures as follows:

  •  Section 1 - Between the A6 (Buxton Road) and Andrew Lane; and
  •  Section 2 - Between Andrew Lane and Broadhurst’s Bridge (Macclesfield Canal)

Your feedback is valued and appreciated and we welcome your involvement in the process. We regret that we will be unable to reply to all individuals but we will collate, analyse and consider all responses received and the feedback from the consultation will be used as part of the decision-making process prior to the implementation of any amendments to the existing measures.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at: or call 0161 474 4008 to leave a voicemail message and a member of the team will return your call to discuss.