Traffic Management Measures, Moss Lane / Acre Lane, Bramhall

Closed 15 Jun 2018

Opened 29 May 2018


The Poynton Relief Road (PRR) scheme has been developed by Cheshire East Council, in partnership with Stockport Council. Traffic modelling for the scheme indicates a potential slight increase in traffic on Moss Lane / Acre Lane. As a result, funding has become available to provide us with the opportunity to implement traffic management mitigation measures along Moss Lane and Acre Lane to enhance road safety and encourage walking and cycling.

What happens next

Your feedback on the proposed package of measures will be valued and appreciated and we welcome your involvement in the process. Comments received will be considered prior to further development of the proposals and these comments, plus any revisions to the proposals, will be reported to the Area Committee and submitted for approval by the Cabinet Member (Housing and Communities).

Due to the volume of comments expected we regret that we will be unable to provide a personal response to every individual query/request but all comments will be considered and included in our Consultation Report. Please contact your Ward Councillors if you have a specific highway issue that requires an immediate response.

The traffic management measures selected for progression are expected to be implemented prior to the opening of the PRR, which is anticipated to be in 2021.