Stockport Cycling and Walking Plan

Closes 15 Feb 2019

Stockport Cycling and Walking Plan

What are your overall impressions of the strategy?

How far do you agree or disagree with the visions and objectives of the draft Cycling and Walking plan on page 6?

The long term vision for walking and cycling in Stockport is:

To make walking and cycling increasingly the default options for all ages and abilities for commuting, utility and leisure trips over shorter distances both within Stockport and to neighbouring areas.

To deliver this vision the following objectives have been identified:

  • Create and maintain high quality and fully connected cycling and walking networks within Stockport.

  • Encourage 'last mile' cycling and walking to enable interconnection with public transport.

  • Use targeted promotion and training to encourage all groups to consider cycling and walking, and to improve safety.

  • Ensure that neighbourhoods and district centres are "cycling and walking friendly" to encourage local trips by bike and on foot

  • Ensure that employment, residential, retail and leisure activities in the town centre are accessible by bike and on foot

  • Improve and maintain high quality cycling and walking connections with local networks, ensuring that adjacent areas of Stockport are fully integrated.

Do you have any comments on the vision or objectives?