Stockport Children’s Book Awards

Closes 31 Aug 2020

Opened 29 May 2020


Stockport Children’s Book Award encourages children aged 4 to 11 years to read for pleasure by celebrating and highlighting some of the best current children’s fiction.

To ensure the winner is voted for by the children of Stockport, you need to live in Stockport or attend a Stockport School to take part. You will be asked to enter this information at the end. Unfortunately your vote won’t be counted without this information. If you are an adult voting for the child, please enter the child’s age.

The award has 3 categories and there are 4 books in each category, you will be asked to select one from the relevant categoryIf you have not read the books in one of the categories, or do not want to vote, press next to move onto the next category.

- Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1

- Lower Key Stage 2

- Upper Key Stage 2

Take part from home and vote for your favourite. Winners will be announced later this year.