PSPO Responsible Dog Ownership

Closed 7 Jun 2018

Opened 29 Mar 2018

Feedback updated 27 Nov 2018

We asked

The Council asked whether residents agreed with their proposal to introduce a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) to prevent dog fouling and promote responsible dog ownership.

These proposals included: strengthening the existing provisions to prevent dog fouling by increasing the fine from £50 to £100; excluding dogs from enclosed children’s play areas and other enclosed sports areas; requiring dogs to be kept on leads in cemeteries; no more than four dogs to be under the control of one person in parks and other public open areas; requiring people to have dog bags or the means to pick up after their dog when they are walking their dog and require people to put dogs on a lead when requested by an authorised officer.

You said

802 people responded to this survey. 

Overall there was 88.8% agreement that dog fouling is a problem in Stockport. When asked about increasing fines, 89.1% agreed with this.

On the subject of dogs being excluded from children’s play areas, there was overall agreement of 86.6%. 

When asked about excluding dogs from other recreational areas such as bowling greens and tennis courts, there was overall agreement of 83.3% whilst 11.2% disagreed.

There was 90% overall agreement that dogs should be kept on a lead in cemeteries.

The subject of walking a maximum of four dogs had 79.7% overall agreement. 71% of dog owners agreed with this and 20% disagreed. Those who are not dog owners had 92% agreement with this statement. Agreement was lowest from those with dog walking companies at 56%.

98% of overall respondents agreed that dogs must be put on a lead if they are causing a nuisance. 

We did

Following the public consultation, the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) to promote responsible dog ownership was approved by Cabinet on 14th August 2018.

You can view the full PSPO here:

Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council Public Space Protection Order to Promote Responsible Dog Ownership




Stockport Council is consulting on proposals to promote responsible dog ownership in the Borough.


Why your views matter

The Council understands that the majority of dog owners are responsible and look after both their dogs and their local environment. The Council does however continue to receive complaints about dog fouling and the behaviour of dogs across the Borough. In response to these complaints the Council is consulting on proposals to introduce a number of additional measures that it believes will promote responsible dog ownership in the Borough.