Proposed Traffic Management Scheme in Reddish

Closed 25 Jun 2021

Opened 17 May 2021


Stockport Council is proposing to introduce a traffic calming scheme in the Reddish area. This scheme is needed to help improve road safety in the area by managing the speed of vehicles, as well as ensuring that on-street parking is appropriate and safe for all road users.

The proposed scheme has arisen following the  recent nearby residential development at Elisabeth Mill, and would be paid for by the developer. 

We propose to extend the existing 20mph zone and to introduce traffic calming measures, as well as other safety improvements which focus around St Josephs and St Elisabeths Primary Schools. All information relating to the proposal is set out in the next pages.

Summary of Our Proposals

  • Extension of 20mph ZoneThe proposals include the extension of the existing 20mph zone (which currently covers the roads around St Elisabeth’s school, the Church and the Park). We propose to extend the 20mph zone to also cover the network of roads surrounded by Longford Road West, B6167 Gorton Road, B5169 Broadstone Road and Houldsworth Street / Harrogate Road.
  • Traffic Calming FeaturesOur proposal to extend the 20mph zone will make use of the existing traffic calming features within the scheme area, such as existing road humps and raised features at junctions. However, the extended 20mph zone would also incorporate new traffic calming measures, in the form of road humps or speed cushions on Naseby Road, Finsbury Road, Wharfedale Road, Ilkely Crescent, Priory Lane and Houldsworth Street (south). All of these types of traffic calming measures are designed to slow vehicles down to an appropriate speed for the road. Our proposals include a combination of road humps and speed cushions because road humps are more suitable where there is a lot of on-street parking, whereas speed cushions are generally only suitable for wider roads.
  • Parking Management - Our proposals include measures to prevent parking at particular locations, for road safety reasons, such as around junctions and pedestrian crossings.
  • Road Safety Around Schools - Our proposals are:
    • New informal pedestrian dropped crossings, incorporating tactile paving, in the vicinity of St Josephs School, at locations where most pedestrians currently choose to cross the road, such as near to junctions. 
    • In order to improve road safety, we propose new bollards within the footway along St Elisabeths Way adjacent to St Elisabeths School and within the footway along Higginson Road adjacent to St Josephs School.

Have Your Say

We would like to invite you to consider the proposals shown in the Plans on the next pages.

Consultation responses must be received by Friday 25th June 2021.

Your feedback on the proposed package of measures is really valued and appreciated and we welcome your involvement in the process. Comments received will be considered prior to further development of the proposals. The comments, plus any revisions to the proposals, will then be reported to the Area Committee for approval. 

Due to the volume of comments expected we regret that we will be unable to provide a personal response to every individual query/request but all comments will be considered and included in our Consultation Report.

If you have any queries or you require this survey in an alternative format, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at this email address: or you can call us on 0161 474 2984 to leave a voicemail message and a member of the team will call you back.