North Reddish Local Centre Improvements

Closed 18 Sep 2020

Opened 25 Aug 2020


Proposed North Reddish Local Centre Improvements

Stockport Council has a commitment to improve local and district centres within the Borough, providing enhanced public realm. As a result, five areas of North Reddish local centre, located along the Gorton Road corridor have been identified as requiring an accessibility improvement scheme.

The scheme aims to improve the environment with repaved and widened footways, and upgraded bus stops and street furniture. The proposals for Gorton Road are split into five areas:

  • Area 1 – Cranbrook Road to Belfield Road;
  • Area 2 – Oswald Street to Boscombe Street;
  • Area 3 – Station Road to Ashbrook Lane;
  • Area 4 – Somers Road to Longford Road; and
  • Area 5 – Ainsdale Grove to Sykes Street.

Consultation responses must be received by 18th September 2020.

Your feedback on the proposed package of measures will be valued and appreciated and we welcome your involvement in the process. We regret that we will be unable to reply to all individuals but we will collate, analyse and consider all responses received and the feedback from the consultation will be used as part of the decision making process prior to the implementation of any scheme.

It is anticipated that works to the first of these improvement areas will be commenced before the end of March 2021, with the other areas progressed once additional funding has been secured.