Mayoral Development Corporation - Regenerating Stockport's Town Centre West

Closed 10 Mar 2019

Opened 14 Jan 2019

Feedback updated 30 Dec 2019

We asked

We asked for you opinions about the Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF) in order to shape the final SRF which will be a guide to future redevelopment in the area. 

You said

Overall the SRF was well received and supported:

  •  82% (308 respondents) strongly agree/agree that Stockport Town Centre West has the potential to become an exciting new urban village with a mix of residential and employment uses
  • 79% (297 respondents) strongly agree/agree that this Vision is the right one. We now need to ensure that the coolest, greenest, newest community is also the most desirable community in Greater Manchester

Strong support was received for the objectives:

  •  Health and sustainability (81% strongly agree/agree) 
  •  Economic growth (80% strongly agree/agree)
  • Innovation and future proofing (79% strongly agree/agree) 
  •  Enhancing connectivity (79% strongly agree/agree)
  •  Housing a growing community (77% strongly agree/agree) 
  • Integrating neighbourhoods (73% strongly agree/agree) 
  •  Quality design (73% strongly agree/agree) 
  • Responding to character (65% strongly agree/agree)

There are however a number of areas where comments received through the consultation have been noted and have led to amendments to the final version of the SRF.

We did

Following the responses received from the consultation, changes were made to the draft SRF document to ensure that it more closely reflects the views and opinions of the broad range of stakeholders who engaged in the consultation exercise. This includes the issue of affordability which has been highlighted through the consultation and the revised SRF has given greater prominence to this in response.

Cabinet approved the Strategic Regeneration Framework on 12th November 2019.

The full consultation report, SRF and details of the decision made by Cabinet can be viewed on the Council’s Democracy web pages.


Stockport’s Town Centre West is set to become Greater Manchester’s newest, greenest, and coolest affordable urban neighbourhood.

History and nature set a great context for streets and buildings to quickly establish a distinctive urban environment and a truly sustainable place to live. 

Town Centre West will be a walkable neighbourhood at the heart of things.  It will provide a choice of homes and workspace.  Residents and business will have enviable access to public transport and be amongst the best connected in the region. 

Why your views matter

This consultation is specifically about creating an MDC to be the main regeneration organisation for the area.  It will be followed in spring 2019 by a public consultation on the Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF) that Stockport Council is preparing for the area.