Lisburne SEND Consultation

Closed 19 Aug 2020

Opened 29 Jul 2020


Lisburne SEND, Offerton      


Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council (SMBC) are embarking on the delivery of a new 208 place Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Primary School, to be located at the former Offerton High School Site adjacent to Castle Hill High School.

The Council undertook a public consultation with third parties and key stakeholders in March 2019 regarding the concept of relocating the existing Lisburne School on Half Moon Lane to the former Offerton High School site.  No design information was exhibited as part of this consultation exercise because the project had not reached this stage, simply a description of the proposal, the background and the benefits of the proposal.

As part of the initial consultation exercise from March 2019, 176 written responses were received. Of these responses 146 supported the proposed relocation, 13 neither agreed nor disagreed, 1 did not know and 16 did not agree with the proposal.  These responses have been given full consideration over the last 12 months in preparing the draft proposals for the site.


The school currently operates at three sites; the main Lisburne Primary School site on Half Moon Lane, Stockport, from the Overdale Centre on Powicke Drive and from Hollywood Park on Hardman Street. The school currently has 144 pupils on roll over all three sites. The proposal will bring the sites together to form one school.

The new school is due to open for pupils in September 2022 creating an additional 92 SEND places.

Lisburne SEND will be a special educational needs and disabilities primary school, which will cater for 208 pupils from reception to year 6 (age 11). There will be on average 30 pupils per year group, in average class sizes of 10. The school will cater for children with a range of needs and abilities.

80% of the pupils will arrive by Local Authority Transport and will be dropped off within the application site.  It is the intention that updated Travel Plans will be prepared on an integrated campus wide basis ensuring a coordinated approach between the new Lisburne School and the existing Castle Hill and The Fairway Schools.

We would like to hear from you

In response to Covid-19 and social distancing guidelines, we have moved our consultation to both online and telephone platforms. The consultation with be available from Wednesday 29th July to Wednesday 19th August 2020.

If you require a hard copy of the consultation please email or phone 0161 218 1074.

The following images show the current ideas as to how the site will be developed.  We would like to hear you views and thoughts on the current proposals.