Let's Talk Budget

Closed 27 Jan 2022

Opened 4 Jan 2022


Let's Talk Budget

Local government budgets are facing significant pressures. These circumstances require us to critically review all our services and make bold decisions to make sure we are resilient and able to best meet the needs and aspirations for Stockport.

Delivering a resilient budget can only be achieved through difficult decisions, robust prioritisation and ambitious changes in the way we work if we are to continue to meet the needs of local people today and in the future. 

20 million pounds needs to be saved from the council’s budget this year. Some of this money will come from collecting council tax and grants that the council receives however, this still leaves around 10 million pounds worth of savings. You can find out more about how your Council Tax is spent in the related links below.

The 4 programmes of work outlined below describe how we hope to achieve this.

The full report of the Deputy Chief Executive, Corporate Director can be found in the links below.

Demand Management

Demand management means redesigning services within Children, Family Services, Education and Adult social care to make sure people have the right support and that it is prioritised to those who need it most. 

Value for money and commissioning

The value for money programme includes our contracts and how we commission with partners and other local authorities. To make sure the council is getting value for money, we will renegotiate all existing contracts and review opportunities to bring contracts together.  

Radically digital 

Captures our ambition to maximise the opportunities that digital technologies bring. It is about providing  a good quality 21st century customer experience for our citizens; joining up and automating data, services and processes; and utilising new technologies to support people to live independently.

Robust corporate governance 

Robust corporate governance means having smaller teams and core resources and reduction in staffing. It also includes reviewing and where appropriate reducing the services we can offer, what fees and charges we make for them and exploring other ways of making money for the council and making the most of our assets. This includes specific proposals on Highways Delegated Budgets and Parking Permits.

The full report of the Deputy Chief Executive, Corporate Director can be found in the links below.


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