A6 / Manchester Road / School Lane Highway Scheme

Closed 23 Oct 2022

Opened 30 Sep 2022


We have drafted highways proposals for the A6 / Manchester Road / School Lane area which aim to support sustainable travel choices, improve safety, and enhance the environment whilst maintaining and managing the performance of our existing transport network. This includes the enhancement of active travel and bus facilities on this Key Route Network corridor.

This proposed scheme would be paid for by the Government’s City Region Sustainable Transport Settlement (CRSTS) fund. This is a national investment fund for local transport networks and aims to improve access for local businesses and organisations and help residents get to amenities in their communities.

The proposals supplement the Heatons Cycle Link – a walking and cycling route between the Fallowfield Loop and Trans-Pennine Trail – as well as other developing proposals in the area to create a network of high-quality sustainable travel routes. We are also seeking funding for the nearby Heatons Active Neighbourhood scheme to proceed with a consultation over a developed, permanent scheme following the trial last year.

Key specific measures are to re-model the three signal junctions to improve safety and provide better pedestrian crossings, introduction of a right turn off the A6 at Heaton Moor Road and creation of an east-west cycle route through the area including a new crossing over the A6.

Overview Plan:

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The proposals include:

  • Changes to the A6 / Manchester Road junction to reduce traffic speed turning left from the A6 and make walking and cycling safer and easier. Traffic turning left will be signal controlled and the turning radius will be tightened to reduce speeds.  A traffic calmed service road will be built in front of the shops on the north-east side of the junction in place of the existing left turn lane.  Crossing points will be improved to modern standards. A 20mph speed limit is proposed on residential roads north of the junction on both sides of the A6 to reduce motor vehicle traffic speeds and improve safety.
  • Changes around the A6 / Heathfield Avenue / Cambridge Road junction including a new Toucan (signal controlled) crossing over the A6 for pedestrians and cyclists, with shared footway / cycleway connections to Heathfield Avenue and Cambridge Road. The introduction of one-way for motor vehicles (Option 1) or reduced carriageway widths (Option 2) are being considered on these side roads to accommodate the wider, shared paths. Raised junction tables are proposed at side roads and a 20mph speed limit on residential roads both sides of the A6 to reduce motor vehicle traffic speeds and improve safety. An upgrade to the southbound (towards Stockport) bus stop is also proposed.
  • Full reconstruction of the A6 / Heaton Moor Road / School Lane junction to provide a fully signalled right turn from the A6 to Heaton Moor Road, improved pedestrian facilities on all arms and improvements to footway paving and landscaping. Extension of the footway is proposed across some private accesses on the A6, Heaton Moor Road and School Lane to reinforce pedestrian priority with new dropped kerbs for vehicle access. Public realm improvements are proposed around the junction to include the removal of guardrails and footway resurfacing. The south-westbound bus stop on Heaton Moor Road is proposed to be relocated and upgraded. It is proposed to introduce a left turn only from Egerton Road North south-eastbound onto Heaton Moor Road north-eastbound to deter through traffic on residential roads between the A6 and Heaton Moor Road.
  • Remodelling of the Manchester Road / School Lane junction including removal of the central islands and widening of footways to shorten crossing distances, also new pedestrian and cyclist crossings on the north-east and north-west arms. A two-way cycle route is proposed, segregated as far as possible, on both sides of Manchester Road – between the junction and Cambridge Road on the southwest side, and Meadows Road on the northeast side. A bus stop on School Lane will be relocated from the east to the west side of Manchester Road. Cycle parking will be provided on School Lane and Manchester Road close to the junction. Raised junction tables and radius tightening is proposed at adjacent side road junctions, as well as a 20mph speed limit on residential roads to reduce motor vehicle traffic speeds and improve safety. Improvements are proposed to the footway paving and landscaping. A right turn indicative arrow is proposed at the signals from Manchester Road to School Lane (north-east bound) to make this turn easier for motor vehicles. A road closure is proposed on Brook Avenue at the junction with Manchester Road to allow safer access for pedestrians and cyclists, with a removable bollard for emergency access. Also removal of the No Entry on Grange Avenue introducing two-way access. An upgrade to the northbound bus stop on School Lane is also proposed.
  • Creation of a two-way cycle route, segregated as far as possible, along the south-east side of School Lane / Broadstone Road from Manchester Rd to Downham Road. Also a new Toucan (signal controlled) crossing over Broadstone Road for pedestrians and cyclists, with shared footway / cycleway connections to Nelstrop Road and Downham Road, and raised junction tables at these side roads to reduce motor vehicle traffic speeds and improve safety. Some narrowing of the carriageway and removal of parking bays is required to accommodate these proposals. 

We would like to hear your views on the proposals, and specifically to what extent you agree or disagree with them.

Please view the proposals and provide your feedback via the link at the bottom of this page. The consultation is running until 23rd October.

We also invite you to join us at our drop-in event to view and discuss the proposals:

  • Wednesday 12th October, 4-7pm, St Thomas’ CE Primary School (Wellington Road North, Heaton Chapel, SK4 4QG).


  • Tuesday 11th October, 5-9pm, Stockport Lads Club (Hempshaw Lane, SK1 4NT).
  • Tuesday 18th October, 3-8pm, Woodley Civic Hall (Hyde Road, Woodley, SK6 1QG).

All responses to this consultation will be considered as part of the scheme development process prior to any implementation. Due to the anticipated volume of responses, please be aware we will not be able to enter detailed correspondence with individuals about points raised.

Delivery of the scheme is subject to approval and funding being agreed by the Government’s City Regional Sustainable Transport Settlement (CRSTS) scheme. If approved and awarded funding, the scheme would be delivered in phases from 2023.

For future updates on this scheme and to find out more about active travel across Stockport, visit www.stockport.gov.uk/topic/cycling-and-walking-in-stockport.

If you would like hard copy information and/or response forms, or to discuss any of the above, please contact the team by phone on 0161 217 6043 or email at walkcycle@stockport.gov.uk.





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