Call for Sites 2020

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Closes 28 Feb 2020


All submissions must be accompanied by an Ordnance Survey base map  which can be added at the end of the survey. 

•    Site boundary must be clearly marked on an OS map base, supplied at A4 or A3 size. Scale must enable site boundaries to be clearly identified (for the majority of the sites the scale would need to be 1:1250 or less).
•    Maps on which property boundaries cannot be accurately identified (for example those derived from Street Maps such as A-Z) will not be accepted.
•    Map must show at least two named roads, to ensure that site can be correctly identified. A postcode would also help to locate the site (even if this is for adjacent land or buildings), and grid references should be supplied if available.
•    Maps should be clearly annotated with the name/location of your site.

Please note: If a site is put forward, it does not mean it will be allocated for that use. Submitting details of a particular site is not the same as submitting a planning application. All submissions are made on a without prejudice basis. 

Please note that information on sites considered through the land availability assessment process will be openly available to the public and the information submitted will NOT be treated as confidential. It must also be stressed that in seeking available sites the Council is making no commitment in respect of which sites may be selected to be take forward into the new Local Plan.

An assessment of all sites and submitted information will be carried out and the public consultation on the Local Plan will invite comments on the proposed sites. We will provide information to help explain the decision to either include or exclude a site at that stage.

Related Information

Do submit sites that:
•Are likely to become available for development within the next 15 years.
•Could accommodate 5 or more dwellings or are at least 0.25 hectares in size.
•Could be suitable for residential and / or employment uses (500m2 of floorspace and above).
•Meet the criteria for inclusion on the Council’s Brownfield Land Register - Regulation 4 of The Town and Country Planning (Brownfield Land Register) Regulations 2017 refer.

Do NOT submit sites that:
•Already have planning permission unless a different form of development is now being proposed.
•Are entirely outside the Borough boundary.
•Are less than 0.25 hectares in size or not capable of supporting at least 5 dwellings.
•Are already included in Stockport Council’s SHLAA published in December 2018 and the information in that document is correct and up to date:

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