Road Safety around Schools – St Paul's C of E Primary School

Closed 19 Dec 2022

Opened 29 Nov 2022


The Council’s overall strategic transport ambition is to increase the number of children walking or cycling to school to reduce congestion on roads, improve local air quality, and improve health outcomes. In order for this to be achieved, it is important that walking or cycling to school is a safe option for children and their families. To support this ambition, the Feasibility and Road Safety Team have been working to tackle key concerns which have been raised by schools and ward councillors.

To reduce the impact of inconsiderate parking and to highlight to passing vehicles there are likely to be children in the area, the following improvements have been identified surrounding St Paul's Church of England Primary School:

  • Provision of pencil bollards along Brinnington Rise, to the south of the signalised pedestrian crossing to prevent vehicles from pulling onto the footway.
  • Introduction of No Loading at Times Shown restrictions (Monday to Friday 8:15-9:15am and 2:45-3:45pm) to reinforce the existing No Waiting at Any Time restrictions (double yellow lines) on Brinnington Rise, to the south of the signalised crossing.
  • Introduction of Limited Waiting restrictions (Monday to Friday 8am-4pm 1 hour No return within 1 hour) for the parking lay-bys on the eastern and western sides of Brinnington Rise.
  • Remarking of the northbound parking lay-by, to the north of the bus stop, to keep the driveways clear of parked vehicles.
  • Provision of tactile paving at the vehicular entrance to the school to aid pedestrians.
  • Provision of access protection markings for a number of properties along Brinnington Crescent.
  • Provision of three middleton bollards to protect the existing uncontrolled crossing at the junction of Brinnington Crescent / Brinnington Road.
  • Provision of five wooden bollards within the Brinnington Road grass verge to the north of Brinnington Crescent.

Please view the plan here:

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Please could you spend a few minutes to consider the issues and let us have your feedback on the proposals. Please include any comments you may wish to make on the proposal by completing the online survey by Monday 19th December 2022.



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