Marple Active Community Hub & Marple Area Transport

Closes 9 Oct 2023

Opened 4 Sep 2023


This online response form asks for your opinions on the Marple Community Hub & Marple Area Cycling & Walking proposals.

Marple Community Hub

Stockport Council has secured £20m worth of Capital Levelling Up funding towards the Marple Active Communities Hub and we are asking for your views on the current proposals to inform a forthcoming planning application. We are keen to hear you views on the design of the Leisure and Community Hub itself, as well as walking, cycling and highways improvements to be delivered at the same time, all of which formed part of the funding bid.

Marple Area Transport

Stockport Council is investigating opportunities to promote walking, cycling and public transport. Marple Town Centre has been identified as a possible location for such improvements. This consultation seeks to understand your view, as a resident or business owner, on:

  1. The existing walking, cycling and public transport provision within Marple,
  2. Highway improvements to support a proposed new Marple Active Community Hub, which has received Levelling Up Funding (view drawing); and
  3. The Marple Area Cycling and Walking Strategy (MACAWS). A scheme has been developed to illustrate potential options to compliment the community hub improvements and further improve connectivity for cycling and walking whilst considering efficient traffic operation in Marple (view drawing).

Funding has already been secured for the Community Hub and associated highway works, and a planning application is currently being developed.  We are in the early stages of scheme development for MACAWS and any proposals which are developed would need to be subject to a separate bid to secure funding for these proposals.

Please note: All information you provide by completing this survey will be anonymised. This anonymous information may then be shared with 3rd parties who are directly involved in the design and delivery of the project. This is necessary to ensure the views of those completing the survey are represented in the design of the proposed facilities and transport works. By summitting your response you consent to your information being shared for this purpose.

Anonymised extracts may also be used for the planning application but will not be attributed to anyone or identifiable in any way.

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