Hempshaw Lane Highway Scheme

Closed 23 Oct 2022

Opened 30 Sep 2022


We have drafted Highways proposals for the Hempshaw Lane corridor between St Thomas’ Recreation Ground and Marple Road which aim to support sustainable travel choices and improve safety whilst maintaining and managing the performance of our existing transport network.

This proposed scheme would be paid for by the Government’s City Region Sustainable Transport Settlement (CRSTS) fund. This is a national investment fund for local transport networks, and aims to improve access for local businesses and organisations and help residents get to amenities in their communities.

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The proposals include:

  • Improved pedestrian facilities at the Hempshaw Lane / Dialstone Lane / Banks Lane (Finger Post) junction, including upgraded push buttons and signal technology, wider traffic islands and a new build out near to the Finger Post pub for a diagonal pedestrian crossing and heritage style fingerpost direction sign. The traffic lanes and designations are to remain as existing.
  • Modifications to the Hempshaw Lane / Marple Road junction to improve the pedestrian crossing point and reduce the speed of vehicles turning left from Marple Road to Hempshaw Lane.
  • New formal parking bays, with new or amended parking restrictions to prevent parking where the carriageway is too narrow. This would improve the general flow of traffic and bus journey times.
  • Footway build outs at side roads to improve junction visibility and provide uncontrolled crossings over Hempshaw Lane.
  • Dropped kerbs and tactile paving at side road junctions and at key desire lines e.g. adjacent to the Post Office.
  • Extension of the footway across some minor access junctions to reinforce pedestrian priority with new dropped kerbs for vehicle access.
  • A New Toucan (traffic signal controlled) crossing for pedestrians and cyclists at the Hempshaw Lane / Offerton Lane junction. A short length of existing parking bay on Marple Road would need to be relocated by moving the existing bus stop into the carriageway.
  • Widening of the carriageway adjacent to Little Darlings Day nursery to allow buses and vans to safely pass each other without mounting the kerb.
  • Bus stop upgrades with new shelters and raised kerbs.
  • Bollards at key locations to prevent footway parking causing obstruction.

The proposals supplement and connect to the recently delivered Offerton to Stockport walking and cycling route between Offerton Lane at Salcombe Road and Stockport town centre via St Thomas Recreation Ground and a new crossing on St Mary’s Way. For details of this scheme please see www.stockport.gov.uk/current-proposals.

We would like to hear your views on the proposals, and specifically to what extent you agree or disagree with them. We would also like feedback on the Offerton to Stockport route and if you would like to see it extended in the future.

Please view the proposals and provide your feedback via the link at the bottom of this page. The consultation is running until 23rd October 2022.

We also invite you to join us at our drop-in event to view and discuss the proposals:

  • Tuesday 11th October, 5-9pm, Stockport Lads Club (Hempshaw Lane).


  • Wednesday 12th October, 4-7pm, St Thomas’ CE Primary School (Wellington Road North, Heaton Chapel, SK4 4QG).
  • Tuesday 18th October, 3-8pm, Woodley Civic Hall (Hyde Road, Woodley, SK6 1QG).

All responses to this consultation will be considered as part of the scheme development process prior to any implementation. Due to the anticipated volume of responses, please be aware we will not be able to enter detailed correspondence with individuals about points raised.

Delivery of the scheme is subject to approval and funding being agreed by the Government’s City Regional Sustainable Transport Settlement (CRSTS) scheme. If approved and awarded funding, the scheme would be delivered in phases from 2023.

For future updates on this scheme and to find out more about active travel across Stockport, visit www.stockport.gov.uk/topic/cycling-and-walking-in-stockport.

If you would like hard copy information and/or response forms, or to discuss any of the above, please contact the team by phone on 0161 217 6043 or email at walkcycle@stockport.gov.uk.



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