Edgeley Active Travel

Closed 25 Feb 2024

Opened 3 Feb 2024


This online response form asks for your opinions on Greek Street CRSTS & the Wider Edgeley Walking and Cycling proposals as part of the Edgeley Active Travel consultation.

Greek Street Bridge and Stockholm Road Bridge are to be replaced in 2025 as part of Network Rail’s renewal programme.  Please be assured that we will continue to work with Network Rail over the coming months to develop diversion plans for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles while the bridges are being replaced and this information will be published nearer to the time once confirmed. 

In addition to the work Network Rail will be undertaking, Stockport Council has identified this area to form part of the City Regional Sustainable Transport Settlement funding (CRSTS) for walking and cycling improvements.

A scheme has been developed that is focussed on delivering a pedestrian and cycle network around Greek Street roundabout. This is to be part funded by CRSTS with additional developer funding and will be known as Section A. 

This consultation also has a Section B, which focuses on walking and cycling improvements across the wider Edgeley Ward area. These proposals are currently unfunded but would link into existing routes in Edgeley. Routes are planned linking up to Stockport County, Castle Street, Hollywood Park, the Station and the Town Centre.  We are seeking your views on these proposals, which could shape future works in the Ward.

This consultation seeks to understand your view, as a resident or business owner, on:

  1. Greek Street proposals which focus on a package of walking and cycling improvements within the vicinity of the Greek Street roundabout; and
  2. The wider Edgeley Walking and Cycling improvements, which aim to compliment and tie into existing infrastructure and further improve connectivity for cycling and walking whilst avoiding creating excessive congestion in Edgeley.


What happens next

Following the consultation, your comments will be considered, and the proposed scheme amended as necessary to address your feedback before being taking through the Council's approval process.

If the scheme is approved, a business case will be submitted to seek approval for the funding to construct Section A of the scheme.

The Council will then continue to seek funding opportunities for Section B. As noted, we will continue to work with Network Rail and ensure that you are kept informed ahead of the works to replace the bridges.



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