Let's talk budget 24/25

Closed 13 Dec 2023

Opened 15 Nov 2023


We provide over 800 services to support and improve the lives of residents, business and visitors, with an annual budget of £310 million. Every year we must deliver a budget that balances our spend with the income we receive. 

Over the last few years, we have experienced a series of unprecedented events. Firstly, the COVID-19 pandemic but more recently, we have experienced periods of severe economic instability, brought on by both national and global events. 

We continue to see increasing demand for services and this combined with the rising cost of providing services is adding further challenges in delivering a balanced budget. 

We continue to be committed to making Stockport a place where residents, businesses, organisations and communities continue to thrive together. This ambition is set out in our One Stockport Borough Plan and the Council Plan.  

In this consultation we are encouraging our residents, businesses and other stakeholders to tell us what you think of our budget proposals for 2024/25, helping us to determine how we can deliver services in the best way. 

What we spend our money on: 2023

Decisions are needed

We are shaping our budget within an uncertain, unstable, and complex environment. This includes pressures across public services, our supply chains and addressing the increasing need within our communities for support.

Our Medium-term financial plan (MTFP) shows that the money we plan to spend delivering services is more than our income. In 2024/25 we need to find £10.861 million savings with further significant savings needed in the coming years.

Only by operating differently and making significant changes will we be able to balance our budget.

How we plan to make savings in 2024/25

We recently published our Responding to Our Medium Term Financial Plan[1] update which outlines how we are responding to the financial challenges ahead. As part of this response, we are developing a number of savings proposals. These proposals outline the changes we are proposing to make to the way we deliver some of our services.  

[1]MTFP Part B – Responding to our Medium Term Financial Plan – September Cabinet  https://democracy.stockport.gov.uk/documents/s223477/2023.09.06%20-%20Part%20B%20Report.pdf

Why your views matter

We must make sure we direct money to where it is most needed and want to find out what people think about our budget proposals.

How to give your views

Complete the survey online.

To request a paper copy of the consultation, write to us at:

Consultation and Engagement

Fred Perry House

Edward Street



Alternative formats

Printed Version: You can request alternative formats such as a hard copy, large print.

E-Mail: You can request an email version of the consultation

Language Support: If English is not your first language and you cannot get support from a friend or family, we can offer language support;

Email consultation@stockport.gov.uk

The consultation is available in libraries across the borough of Stockport on request .

This consultation runs from 15 November 2023 closing at 5pm on 13 December 2023.

What happens next

Responses will help to shape the development of these proposals which will return to Scrutiny Committees in January ahead of final sign off at Budget Council in February 2024.


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