Hawk Green COVID Community Commemoration Fund Consultation

Closed 31 Mar 2023

Opened 16 Mar 2023

Feedback updated 12 Dec 2023

We asked

We wanted to know what the people living near Hawk Green think about a plan we have. We're thinking of putting a picnic bench and a special plaque to remember things that happened during the COVID times. This is part of a project called the COVID Community Commemoration Fund.

We asked the residents near the village green three different places where we could put the bench. We also gave them the choice to say they don't like the idea at all. We want to make sure everyone is happy with what we're planning!

You said

A total of 44 responses were received.

27 respondents (61%) rejected the proposal and 17 (39%) were in favour.

Reasons given 

In the main, the objections submitted related to the potential for an increase in anti-social behaviour and litter on the green and an increase in local traffic congestion.

Preferred location

Of those in favour of the installation (17):

  • 10 (59%) opted for the location adjacent to Hawk Green Road, near The Crown public house
  • 4 (24%) for the location to the west of the existing play area 
  • 3 (18%) for the location to the north of the play area

We did

Based on what you told us, we're changing our plan. Instead of putting in a picnic table, we're going to install a planter (like a big flower pot) and a special plaque. And guess what? We're putting the planter near Hawk Green Road, close to The Crown public house, just like you suggested! Thanks for your input – it really helped us make a cool decision!



Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic communities have come together to provide support and neighbourliness.


As the pandemic has eased, communities across Stockport and nationally have turned their energy towards how they might want to reflect on and commemorate this historical period. This has happened organically without any state intervention.


Stockport Council became aware of this move to commemorate experiences from the pandemic, and in 2021 year a working group with representation from all political parties in Stockport was established in response to the desire of residents to reflect on the difficulties and losses of the period and/or to celebrate the way communities came together to help one another during it.

Consequently, a fund was made available to help deliver appropriate localised commemorative schemes across the borough. One such scheme has been suggested for Hawk Green village green, and it is in relation to this scheme that we now seek your views. The proposal has been developed by Stockport Council alongside the Hawk Green Residents Association.

Why your views matter

We are keen that the decision about the scheme is widely supported by the community of Hawk Green and to ensure that the scheme benefits the residents of Hawk Green.


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