Direct Payments Policy Consultation - Clients and Carers Survey

Closed 6 Nov 2022

Opened 3 Oct 2022


Thank you for agreeing to take part in this consultation around proposed changes to the Stockport Council Direct Payments Policy. This questionnaire asks for your views on the changes we want to make to the Direct Payment policy. A full copy of the draft policy can be found in the supporting documents below.

If you have not recieved an invitation as someone  currently in reciept of a Direct Payment , please leave this survey and complete our Direct Payments Consultation public survey.

We would like your views on our proposed changes. Before each question we tell you:

  • The section of the policy the questions in the questionnaire relate to
  • An explanation of what the old policy said
  • A summary of what the new policy will say
  • The reasons why we want to make the changes

Please take a few moments to read each of our proposed changes before making your response. There is room for you to leave comments on our proposed changes. We cannot respond to any individual requests received via this questionnaire. Thank you

Why your views matter

Your comments and ideas will directly impact on the finalised Direct Payments Policy. We probably won’t be able to do everything you suggest – but everything we do will be influenced by what you tell us.

What happens next

Key Dates

Sunday 11 November 2022

Consultation closes:

24th November 2022

The following Papers to Adult Social Care and Health Scrutiny Committee for review

  • Consultation Findings
  • Equality Impact Assessment 
  • New Direct Payments Policy

6th December 2022

 Approval sought for the new policy from the Stockport Council Cabinet Committee

7th December 2022.

Subject to approval, the new policy will be implemented from this date






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