Taxi Licensing Consultation

Closes 25 Feb 2019

Taxi Licensing Consultation

Stockport Council is committed to ensuring the safety of the public using taxis and is continually reviewing conditions of licence to identify where improvements can be made. This licensing condition is being considered on the basis of public safety to improve the following:

  • Avoidance of public confusion; and
  • Effective enforcement.

Stockport Council has received reports that members of the public find it confusing when they book a taxi which doesn’t display the operator through which the booking was made.  We also consider that it would assist in the investigation of complaints about licensed taxis if the operator details were displayed on the vehicle so that they can be easily identified where a customer has booked a taxi through an operator or where there has been an allegation of private hire vehicles illegally plying for hire (i.e. picking up customers from the roadside when not pre-booked through a licensed operator which is a criminal offence).

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