School Bus Pass Consultation

Closes 25 Jan 2019

Opened 5 Dec 2018


Stockport Council is facing financial challenges which means we have to save £47 million pounds over the next four years. Due to our financial position we have difficult decisions to make when allocating and prioritising public spending. We have already managed savings of over £100 million pounds in recent years, while continuing to deliver services and value for money to the residents of Stockport.

We are committed to consulting and engaging with Stockport residents and other stakeholders to inform the way we work in the future and to assess any impact these decisions may have. Feedback we receive will be used to shape our approaches to help reduce negative impacts as far as possible.

To balance the budget, the Council is proposing to:

  • Reduce entitlement so that those claiming free bus travel because of any levels of Working Tax Credit, would be reduced so that only pupils whose parents/guardians are in receipt of the maximum level of Working Tax Credit will qualify for free bus passes.
  • Remove faith schools, including those within the borough, from the eligibility criteria. This would mean, pupils would only be eligible for a school bus pass for the nearest school to their home (with places available) based on distance or other benefits criteria or;
  • Only remove faith schools located outside the borough from the qualifying criteria for free school bus passes.

The statutory requirement to offer a free school bus pass to pupils who are in receipt of free school meals and have a school place further than 2 miles away would remain in place.

The new criteria would apply to free school bus pass applications with effect from September 2019.  

This proposal is part of the Council’s Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP), which sets out how the Council will manage their budget to become financially self-sufficient. You can read more information about the Medium Term Financial Plan by clicking the link below:

MTFP Cabinet Overview Report

Please ensure we receive your views by 25th January 2019. It is important that we receive your views by this date as all feedback will be pulled together into a report which will then be considered by the Scrutiny Committees in January and the Cabinet meeting in February.  

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