Public Space Protection Order Extension: Car Cruising

Closes 19 Dec 2019


In the run up to the introduction of the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO), there was a period of intense enforcement from Greater Manchester Police and Stockport Council officers. This initially discouraged people from participating in car cruises. When subsequent attempts were made to re-start car cruises, enforcement action was possible under the PSPO.

Car parks were monitored by Greater Manchester Police and Stockport Council officers and CCTV was also used. A number of warnings were initially issued and subsequently Fixed Penalty Notices were served for breaches of the PSPO. These were widely publicised and have had a deterrent effect.

Fixed Penalty Notices have been issued as follows; September 2017; January 2019; February 2019 (3 issued); March 2019; September 2019.

There have also been occasional reports that car cruises were due to take place. On these occasions a reminder about the existence of the PSPO has been sent to those believed to be organising the events. This has also had a deterrent effect.

There has been positive feedback from local businesses since the PSPO was introduced. Greater Manchester Police have also commented that a problem that has existed for years has now been significantly reduced.

Car cruising continues to be a problem in the Greater Manchester area with those participating being able to travel easily to a chosen site. The continued development of Stockport Town Centre and recent Purple Flag award highlight the need to ensure that the town centre continues to be an attractive place to visit.

The existing PSPO will expire in March 2020. PSPOs are made under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. The legislation states that;

Before the time when a public spaces protection order is due to expire, the local authority that made the order may extend the period for which it has effect if satisfied on reasonable grounds that doing so is necessary to prevent

  • (a) Occurrence or recurrence after that time of the activities identified in the order, or
  •  (b) An increase in the frequency or seriousness of those activities after that time

This extension may not be for a period of more than three years. Click on the link below to view the detail of the proposed PSPO:

Proposed Car Cruising PSPO 2020-2023 (opens in a new window)